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Elizabeth Barry is known as the Great Positive Change-Maker. Her coaching abilities are an eye-opener for leaders who are humble enough to ask for help for what they can’t see or fix on their own. You’ll get unfiltered, tough-love. It’s authentic, experienced business coaching and consulting at its finest.

Elizabeth’s writing inspires you to love each barrier that arises in your life, deepening your appreciation for remaining strong while owning your emotions. Brilliantly transform with her, deepen your leadership skills, and hone your purpose. Her NEW BOOK The Kind Communicator has been officially released!
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Elizabeth consistently publishes articles and thoughts for the LinkedIn business community.

Her authentic voice provides thought-leadership for professionals that enthusiastically wish to become empowered, evolved and transformed. 


Founder of BeyondEgo

Elizabeth has given rise to a NEW brand- BeyondEgo where she will publish books and a new Podcast inspiring the word “ego” to be brought to the table in a healthy way. Intriguing conversations will be home to discussions on leadership, vulnerability, kindness, empathy, trust and compassion. Go BEYOND status, salary and title for greater quality of life, effective communication, connected relationships and a positive outlook on daily breath. Over 200 podcast guests are lined up for 2019- you’re sure to be amazed at Elizabeth’s latest BEYOND project.

20+ Years of 

Charismatic Leadership

“Elizabeth lives the life she writes about and it shows. She is a positive influence on everyone she connects with.  Her message of kindness is so timely, as we all live busy lives and don’t always take the time to express that behavior. Her books and coaching are reminders and guides  on how to make kindness a key leadership attribute for yourself.”  

Karen Gozzi
VP, Social Media, Digital Advertising and Content Creation
Wakefern Food Corp.



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TEDx Speaker Training
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