How Executive Women Find Their Voice

Today it’s not only important to survive and thrive in the workplace, it’s important to be heard and to deliver the leadership skills necessary for personal and professional growth. Here are a few tidbits in my mind to share with you today. Enjoy! Speak Up at Meetings To Show Your Worth Owning your voice is having a track record of success. It’s a showcase of your value and accomplishments exhibited in a strategic/suave way. That’s how you become a leader. That’s how you’re seen as an expert and gain a following. It’s about getting involved in deep conversations and having a point of view, putting yourself out there for your belief systems.You don’t want to feel regret for not having said your peace. Having a voice drives your career forward. Your goal is to strut out of all meetings with happy feet. Find your strengths. Where is your greatest value? What are your core skills? Find them, work on them, and execute really, really well. Soon, you’ll have a fan base strutting alongside of you. To Fit in or Not Fit In So many women feel like they have to be everything to everybody and be liked by all, or pretend to like everyone. Well, you don’t. I think it’s best to stand up for what you believe in and yes, you have to swallow your pride sometimes, but if it gets to the point where you are uncomfortable, or if hurts your own integrity, it’s time to do something about it. Naturally, women want to feel like they fit in, but I’m more comfortable with women who fit more outside of the box and color outside the lines. You don’t have to like everyone, or be liked by all. *Oh… and never, ever take anything in the office personally. Read The Four Agreements by Paul Cohelo. If you’ve read it, great, read it again. In fact, I read it every year. These agreements creep up into our “forget box” in our brains and we so easily forget them. Women and Collaboration. How do deal when other women are jealous, mean, ill-behaviored, and insecure to your greatness. When it comes to women and collaboration, experience and history lead to the idea to be nice. Wait, let’s use the word, cordial. I’ve worked with far too many b*tches in my days. Sorry, I speak the truth. Be the change. There’s a certain competitiveness that comes into play where others will try to prevail over you, or worse, make your life miserable in ways that only you can tell. They have those magical (annoying) powers and a set of tools to bug the heck out of you- on purpose, no less. (I’m speaking from experience here and it was a long road to sitting in deep meditations to work on myself and my response to others horrible behaviors or insecurities.) The best way to own your power is to show up with greatness, no matter what situation you’re given. Own it all, smile and be the best you can be. So you’re in an office with nay sayers? Great. Go into the meeting, leave, take a walk and stay far, far away from them. The truth is, it’s really hard to do at times. That’s just the reality. What do you expect? Everything to be easy in this life? Sha right! It’s a snake pit out there. A jungle! Be the change and you can walk through the snakes with ease-maybe even kicking one back in its coil because of your awesome nice-ness. Everyone will notice how you rise above and may even say “Oh, snap! She’s got moves.” People pay attention when YOU set the example in tough situations. More Juicy Tips: *Be a great listener. The day I began attending meetings with far less to say, I really got to experience everyone around me in a new way and I noticed my own power. That power of silence is like gold. You’ll learn much more on how to show up in meetings when you’re listening well and not speaking over others. *Pretend you’re on the stage. When you walk into a board room with all men in suits, perform. This is your dog and pony show, Bey, Bey. This is the talent show you used to give for your parents and friends in your living room when you were 5 years old, only you’re mid-life and a business woman now. Most women freeze up when they see men in suits with their closed off faces and arms crossed, checking their watches. You just walk right in there and mark your territory because you’re a badass and you know your work. Don’t let their looks fool you. Intimidation is fuel. Stock up. Then, exit stage left and drop the mic. *Show up in Style. Not everyone will be great in the meetings you attend. Be graceful, be on time, don’t be so uptight and don’t try so hard. Chances are, the person sitting across from you is cool. She might like the same movies, music and drinks as you do. She may have kids and go to the Cape every summer like you. Take a load off and approach your meetings with less stress. Make that your meeting “style”. You’ll be remembered, that’s for sure. I find so many executives stress way too much before a meeting. It’s better to think of potential prospects as a friend across the desk-rather than sweat it out the night before. Ok, more to come on these topics. That was a lot to share… but I liked it.

Own Your Greatness. I Stand For You (Women)

I see a woman that is you. You’re a CEO, a born leader, a businesswoman, presenter, motivated feminine weapon. Now that you’ve made it to the top, you must sell, create and win. You stand before others who look to you for advice like you’re Wonder Woman. You have a lot on your plate. Business may be your forte, but handling it all without stress, not so much. You see the finish line, yet sometimes you don’t know how to cross it smoothly, or maybe you simply don’t want to ​cross it alone. Maybe you want a coach, a guide, a helping hand. Getting advice can be easier and less intimidating than you think. You’ve always felt capable enough to juggle all those balls yourself, but, it’s hard to admit that Wonder Woman needs a helper sometimes. Your heart is racing. Triumph seems like it’s miles away. And you’ve always been at the top of your game. Perhaps it takes a little bit of creative practice to say “I’m vulnerable.” Try it. Say it out loud. “I’M VULNERABLE!” Say it a few times so that it takes on the same relaxing tone as “I like ice cream”. A vivid picture appears in your mind. Humility arrives. The path to your heroism is your ability to be humble; to ask for help. To wear your cape and take matters into your hands with prowess, and a secret coach. My name is Elizabeth Barry and I am an an expert at vulnerability coaching for women executives and badassery. I work with women to own their greatness through uncomfortable times (bad bosses, hectic work environments, deadlines, priorities, marketing and digital storytelling.) I’m a personal branding machine and can power you through your vulnerable moments by crying together, wisking you away to great thoughts and empowering you towards your next. I resonate with you because I am you. Own Your Greatness and become a self-loving powerful woman in business. The real journey is taking the first step to ask for guidance. I’d like to be your guide. Will you accept a marketing coach? Cool, let’s do it. PEACE.

In my Own Words… My Story/My Path

I left corporate America at the age of 28 to be an entrepreneur. A few years before that, I moved to The Cape and got my start at Cape Cod Life Magazine while teaching dance on the side. (Yep, left college with a 4.0 and moved the Cape. Hippie!) Before that, I lived in the UK and worked for the Imperial Cancer Research Fund while still in school. After reveling in Europe and living the beach life, I got my early “fix” of living a powerhouse life. I knew I’d never want to be stressed-out, rushing or overworked. Living and working abroad taught me that culture was far more important than a corner office working too hard under fluorescent lights. And living on the Cape taught me that patience, peace and serenity is far better than a paycheck that I may have slaved over to receive if I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. Integrity meant everything to me early on and I learned to live in my truth, while exploring every year of my life. ​ Before I ventured into business on my own, I moved back to the NYC area and I became Dance Magazine’s Marketing Director. Then, I was personally asked by the Publisher of 12 competitive magazines to join their team. So I did. I broke sales records in the NYC dance scene at around 26 years old and I learned the tough ropes of business life. Having met hundreds of dance entrepreneurs on the road in sales, I realized that instead of selling clients ads they didn’t need, or didn’t know how to design, I would do it for them. In 2006, I launched the first strategic marketing firm for dance- to better serve the clients I had been talking to for years. It as a success! And shortly thereafter, I launched the first email magazine for dance attracting over 20,000 global subscribers. I did it all from my living room. And the large dance publications tried to copy lil’ ole me. They failed. ​ My business began to grow and I was lucky to work within the growing markets of fitness, wellness and eventually owned a spot to build the brands of entrepreneurs across the US and brilliant female executives. In Hoboken where I lived and worked, I was asked to develop the first Women in Business Council. I created a mission and broke some rules in the “Chamber of Commerce book” because who wants to do normal? I launched what I’d like to call as the birth of a women’s movement. With a jump of over 65{63cfed81e5ee0c7ab5cf55993eb5d73c9de8e5e524777fe96b15185ad23a5289} new female membership in the Chamber and multiple returning attendees to my bi-monthly “Coffee Empowerment Series”, I began my gift of coaching of women, even launching a new division in my business called “Branding Brilliant Women”. I was awarded the first “Hoboken Woman in Business of the Year” and developed a powerful place for women to network, exchange business ideas, have a voice in their community and flourish as individuals. It was a really nice experience- watching those women grow. Warms the heart. ​ At the same time, I got my TEDx on. At 28, I became a pioneer member of TEDxGotham, one of the many events that gave TEDx love to New Yorkers- including a live event at the Nasdaq in Times Square. I knew I could replicate that in Hoboken where I lived, so, I did. I began attending TEDActive events in California and brought the first TEDxHoboken to life with more than 19 speakers from across the US and Canada. With 12 salon events in one year and 2 TEDxWomen events with 80-150 attendees at each one of my gatherings, my TEDx dreams soon became realities. I am filled with gratitude for the positive impact that I made jumpstarting careers and instilling community and comaraderie to strangers -many of which, became life-long friends; some who made a good sum of money together too. Today, I am the proud new curator of TEDxUpperWestSideWomen. ​ ​​ Before coming back to my coaching business this year, I spent 2 years as a Digital Marketing Sales Director helping my colleague build his award-winning digital agency. My clients included GAP, Wakefern, Stevens Institute of Technology and other prestigious brands. I received awards, launched “The Future of Women in MarTech” series and rode the wave of understanding modern digital experiences and what they meant to business owners in today’s ever-changing world. Not to mention understanding enterprise level business challenges which can be super tricky and super fun to solve. So as you can see, my experience has given me the tools to provide modern advice to ambitious and driven executives and companies looking for ways to think differently and to break rules from branding to empowerment to digital. And my voice… it’s always positive, and definitely authentic. I can’t describe it. Maybe somewhat strong-loving? You’ll see. ​ So, in any case, that’s my story. Thanks for learning more about me. Now I wanna learn about you!

How Good Are You at Telling Your Story?

Ah the brand story question… well, if you’re fantastic at it. BRAVO! I love it. I love great stories and I admire the tales of innovators, hence my admiration and addiction to documentaries and biographies. Here are a few tid bits of information that I’ve gathered for you today about brand storytelling. Much of what you read below may seem frustrating, but I can help. I get it. Nothing in this world is easy. But take a peek and if you’re struggling in an area, let’s rock your world. The Goals of Having a Charismatic Brand Story. Executives, entrepreneurs, start ups and professionals… you must hone your ability to explain your brand, company or mission in 3 sentences or less, hitting the mark on “what it actually means” to your audience. If you feel like you spend as much as 45 minutes and never get to a point. I can fix this. If you feel like you’re asked and you answer with three or more different answers each time, I can help. Brevity and precise is your goal. It’s not an exact science, it’s marketing, and it’s ever-changing. Stop feeling frustrated over the fact that your brand story may be a bit outdated or in fact a tad boring. We all go through it, it’s called being in business. ​ Insider Talk- If I can give you a great lesson that you may not know you’re doing, it’s learning to move away from “insider talk” and begin to explain what you want or need more efficiently. There’s a great quote, “If you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it.” Business can never go well if you can’t communicate your point. In the past two years, I worked with multi-million and billion dollar companies and many marketing directors could not explain themselves well. In fact, most used their own company jargon and I had no clue what they meant. And I’m a trained strategic marketing expert! In fact, when I asked questions, they were offended. The tool here is that when you’re speaking with a professional outside of your company and you can’t explain your point, you’re wasting your own time, and the time of the person your’e on the phone or in a meeting with. My best advice? Self-awareness. Practice actively listening to yourself more often. Catch yourself before someone else is thinking that you’re the teacher from Charlie Brown. ​ Network like a Pro- I’ve been to hundreds of networking events. At most, I found myself wanting to be more of a coach. If you get nervous, or feel like you want to create a great story for yourself for introductions, I can help. I work to eliminate the question, “So, what do you do?” It’s funny, that question bugs me so much when it’s the first thing that someone says to me. Most days, I tell them, I’m a mermaid, a unicorn or a jockey. Yes, a jockey. Now that gets the wall down between us, maybe a laugh or two is shared, but their attention is now intrigued. Learn to love communication. It’s not all about “What you do”. It could become something far greater if you take the chance to step outside the box. I’ll make sure of it if we work together. High five! ​ Much more to come. Stay tuned, stay humble and stay gold, Ponyboy. Oh, and if you’re experiencing any one of these obstacles, let’s work together!

The Acknowledgement Project

When was the last time you acknowledged yourself for something? Ahh, I see. Well, it’s time to get up on that. I created THE Acknowledgement Project with over 500 women and the results were astounding. It was a 30-day challenge to acknowledge yourself for all the accomplishments you’ve created each week, over a month long period. Here’s how it worked: 1. Friends said YES! and committed to living in their truth and vulnerability for 30 days. 2. They joined the mission, #TheAcknowledgementProject and shared thoughts, quotes and photos in my Facebook Group, Wisdom and Women. The 30-Day Project Make a list at the end of every week to acknowledge yourself for all the little things you succeeded in doing. The good and the bad, recognizing strengths and owning weaknesses. In one month, you’ll have 4 lists to read, filled with great things about you-big and small. At the end of the month, write a letter in the name of self-love. Start it with Dear (your name here) and acknowledge yourself for taking the time, for creating this ritual in vulnerability. This letter will represent who you are at your core and exemplifies you what you can accomplish daily and allows you to be present with life. Why take part? Because you matter. You have value. The more you take part in self-acknowledgement, the more you can honor and trust yourself- and the more you honor your relationships. This is vulnerability at its finest. Share your self-love Feel comfortable and confident sharing your self-acknowledgement notes, messages, photos, quotes and videos on my Fan page for Elizabeth Barry consulting, your social pages, or simply by owning it in your heart. Behavioral breakthrough opportunity is here. Smile with it. When you take the time to acknowledge your accomplishments, your brain makes the connection between what you do and what you can achieve through inner personal happiness. Plus, by sharing, a collective self-confidence boost will arise in each one of us. Most times, we doubt ourselves. Could we do more? Have we done enough? No! Stop that pattern and create a new acknowledgement path. Find the time to honor what you’ve achieved and feel motivated and inspired to keep going. Win-win. It’s like increasing the odds of your own success. We deserve to feel good about what we do. In fact, Sometimes, we all need someone to lean on, and I think in this case, that person can become ourselves. Here’s my proof of why this project works: If you don’t acknowledge yourself for your success, small or large, you’ll always somehow seem to remember your mistakes or what you didn’t do. Big no no. By adopting the pattern of writing weekly for one month, and then writing a letter to yourself at the end, this secures positive thoughts in your memory and can have a psychological affect on your attitude, behavior and thoughts. Now, make a special place for your letter. Get a nice box! Put your letter in that box and read it when you need confidence in the future. ​​ I know this will have a powerful effect on your subconscious mind. I acknowledge you for all that you are. Read your letter whenever you feel you want a loving boost.

Grow Your Business with a Marketing Coach

Being in business is a lucrative art. I mean, you get to go to work, do what you love and get paid for it. That’s the greatest job in the world. And it comes with a free annual supply of stress, decisions, worry, headaches, bad phone conversations that you’d rather not have some days, and much more. Ok, so I just listed the bad stuff. Perhaps it’s because you don’t talk about it. You don’t have a therapist and you’d rather not load off on your friends that you feel stuck in your business. Ohhh, called you out! I know you, though. You prance around with your latte in hand, foamed milk all frothy with a smile on your face, but your tummy tells another story. You’re withering inside about decisions, how to make your next couple thousand before the holidays and what’s the best route to take your social media because no one, and I mean no one is responding. I can read people like a book thanks to my street smarts and I see this happening all the time. But there’s hope and it’s awesome to hear because love these challenges! That’s why I created a marketing coach series. Ah yes, and there’s a coach for everything now, right? We used to think that life coaches were a joke… and now there’s a coach for everything. Heck, there’s even happiness coaches. (Tip: You cannot buy happiness… sorry for the disruption on that one.) My mission with marketing coaching is to empower motivated entrepreneurs and business women and men who WISH they had a CMO by their side to call you out; someone to handle the hard conversations, deadlines and help you survive beyond your greatest expectations – just by picking up the phone once per week. It’s that simple! No, seriously. It really is. Call me your brand therapist, your secret CMO, your publicist… but let’s get down to work. I thrive in this coaching area with business mavens in various stages of their entrepreneurial journeys from launching a business to rebranding, entering new markets and launching a new product or service. One of the best parts about hiring me as a marketing coach is that you’ll get the strategic planning you’ll love and the venting you so yearn for. (Stop screaming in your pillows! I’m here for you!) Look. Marketing isn’t rocket science and you have your sh*${63cfed81e5ee0c7ab5cf55993eb5d73c9de8e5e524777fe96b15185ad23a5289}t together. Sometimes it really super duper helps when you have a weekly call with a coach because A. No, it doesn’t look good. B. Your website really does need an overhaul and C. You’re gonna wanna work on your brand story. I don’t get it. So, come on down. You’re the next contestant on the Marketing Coach is Right… for YOU! Please call me after you read this for a free consultation. Use code: I’m a rockstar and I want a coach. 908-670-1998, or