The Mother of All Brand Storytelling

Remember when you were little and your mom or babysitter read you a story? Remember how intrigued you were when they actually sounded out the voices in the characters? Remember when their voices rose when the trouble got tough and their fluctuations kept you on the edge of the bed wanting more? Well, that’s how I’m training the next generation of speakers and brand marketers in 2017 to provide their stories to the world. There’s far too much clutter out there to not tell a story. If you don’t, you’ll pretty much get lost in the crowd, or succumb to what I like to call “insider talk to outsiders”. That’s when you talk to your audience in the way that corporations talk to their employees. It’s kinda like the jargon that you don’t understand and it’s too boring and complicated for you to find any feeling or emotion whatsoever so you miss every point, you don’t pay attention and you pretty much bore yourself just reading through the first paragraph, leaving the rest of the message for the dust on your computer to finish. So, let’s tell stories, shall we?! The best way to do that is to re-ignite everything that you are, from your brand message, to your persona, to your website and social personality. Then, we will communicate it in a savvy way to the world. You’re much greater than the sum of your LinkedIn bullets, so what I like to do is dive deep into your inspiration, focus on why you’re amazing and explain that to your audience in a way that’s sellable. Even for the big guns. This isn’t just for entrepreneurs, I’m talking to large organizations here because you’re way too complicated and tell us way too much that we don’t want or need to hear about you in the first second that we meet you. Romance us, please! Tell us the problem you’re solving, your solution, tell us you love us and we’re hooked. I have great new practical tips for brand storytelling and there are far too many companies not taking advantage of the way they sell themselves to the world. You’d be very surprised at the gaps that we can find between what you say and what you have online. It’s the magic of experts like myself to see. So, let’s explore what your story really wants to say and let’s tell it like the best babysitter in the world, or… even better, the best mom in the world. Get right on top of that, Rose.

Marketing “IS” Sales

Earth to you… yes, you! Stop thinking that marketing and sales are so very different. I’ve been the Director of Marketing at Dance Magazine, the NY-Int’l Sales Rep at Dance Magazine, the CEO of my Strategic Marketing Agency and the Director of Business Development at an award-winning agency, not to mention a bunch of other incredible positions. The truth is, I’m an avid saleswoman and a marketing maven. I just happen to do both really well. BUT, for all marketers out there with obstacles, I’ve been noticing that you’re having trouble attracting clients. As soon as you say to me “I don’t know how to get through to them.” My first response is… “What is your sales strategy?” And wouldn’t you know it, you all look at me like I created a new word in the dictionary. The word is S A L E S and it’s part of your marketing mission. They go hand in hand, mono y mono, Laverne and Shirley, Bonnie and Clyde and Sandy and Danny. (That’s Grease if you don’t get that last part.) The problem here is this. Many of you have an excellent product or service, I mean it’s really spot on, but you cannot sell it. Why? Because not all of us are meant to be salespeople and it’s often very difficult to sell our own service or product. Which is why you hire experts like myself to come in and fix the glitch, give you the tools and voila, you’re out there like a vacuum cleaner salesperson in the 50’s raking in the dough, or the very first tupper-ware parties that blew the roof off the house in sales. Yes, that really happened back then. Times have really changed. And they’re awful to compete or understand. You have social media, competitors, clutter, chaos. It’s all around us. Here are the three things I would recommend if you’re looking to market your brand and need a sales strategy. 1. First, let’s make a target list. Who are your targets? Where are they? How are you communicating to them and begin listing their contact information. This is what we would call your “research” phase. 2. Next, begin calling upon them. Use this as research too. Find out who the person would be to contact in order to get your product or service to sell to that company and jot down your notes. 3. Make sure there are clear calls to action. Most of you won’t do this, but I promise you it will work. Go back to your website, your PR, your marketing materials and look to see if there are calls to acton everywhere. Many of times, you’ve already made it difficult for them to find your number or email or realize how to connect with you. Fix those glitches first and as you end each sales call or contact, make sure you have a clear call to action, a follow up activity and know exactly when and how to reconnect. And sure, these are three basic steps to get us started but there are a multitude of other tid bits for us to learn, implement and grow into our sales toolbox. This is just a taste at what you can discover by doing the work yourself without an expert and realizing the value of having sales work together with marketing and maybe, just maybe you’ll want to dive into more. Let me know if you do. But for now, I’m off to host a tupper-ware party.