The New Way to Face Failure

Oh my word! Did I just say the words “a new way to failure?” I did! Does that mean we’ve been looking at it all wrong for a while? Perhaps. Here’s the scoop: The painstakingly humbling, shocking, embarrassment and arrogance in all of us knowing that we beat ourselves up when things don’t go right is something we must address as leaders in 2019. I will tell you that one of the greatest secrets to facing the fall is to find the gratifying experience in the tumble. I often don’t like to use the word failure at all. But since it’s a part of business coaching and consulting, the word “has” to come up, so let’s use it today, just as a reference, but for future, I use the word lessons instead. I like changing words- not because they’re too hard to face, but I do it in an effort to instill positivity and perseverance inside each conversation and coaching experience as much as I can. The mind is very intelligent and moods can turn quickly with the slightest triggers of words. Anywho… let’s move on… When you’re looking to gain greater commitment to this life, you must enjoy the fall. Like the photo below, lightbulbs crack and when the light goes out, we have a choice to get upset or simply change the bulb. Terrible things happen in business and life. I’m talking some really terrible stuff- and we’re not equipped as humans to handle it all. Our nervous systems freak out, take our breath away, demand our minds to use words unwillingly, and then words come flying out of our mouth before we think about them and KABOOM! Relationships and deals, projects and meetings then can either be ruined or improved – if we are at our core level or not, acting with integrity or reacting with hands waving and voices very very loud- demeaning voices. We can all grow from the lowest place to the highest place. We simply need to water the seeds of ego, shame and vulnerability and find a place in that soil of our minds that will be fresh in the morning, and not feeling the need to be right or to hide from the falls. Embarrassment can be fun. I will teach you if you let me. I often use the phrase, “Speak your truth.” Truth is nothing more than a reality. We must live in our realities and realities handle a challenge and a hurdle with grace- sometimes the best courage comes from facing a reality. The more capable you can become at going through a tactical process when a fall comes, the more personal evolution you create and achieve and your greatness level rises. When we think and reflect on our circumstances, we direct our personal greatness towards an uprise. It is when we don’t think- when our nervous system goes into haywire mode and we freak when the challenge hits- that’s the real failure, folks. When you can’t handle the tough stuff that life throws at you, that’s when the real failure shows up and you can hardly look at yourself in the mirror because of how you acted or reacted or what you said. But this is all fixable! You see? This is where the glory comes in, comes barging in actually, comes shining in like the north star or the sun rising, directing your life because you have the power of choice in every situation, even after the fall. Do I go after the things I want in life- to be a better person and handle my chaos with grace, or do I sit on the sidelines in a mediocre place hiding in shame, needing to be right because my ego tells me to be- and my nervous system is wearing the boss cap? Take a deep breath with me now because I know you’ve been here. That’s a deep deep place. I know many people who are severely hurting inside and when prompted, they say, “I’m fine.” Personal little white lies… My heart breaks for them. It’s when we look at it all, in our truth; our reality. It is when we allow ourselves to be free- and wrong, weak and scared. When we healthily sit in the vulnerability of it all without feeling as bad as we thought we would. That’s where the learning comes. That’s when the objectivity hits its peak and you begin to understand the idea of making this a lifestyle. Lessen the impact of the meteorite and soften that landing to a place where the failure comes, you recognize it, smile at it, breathe and then mosey on down the hall. I’m telling you. It can happen. I was the jerk. I was the reactor! I’ve done the work. It’s taken me a few years, no many!, but now I get to teach my clients my wisdom and experience – especially from a business perspective- from meetings to partnerships, employees, teams and CEOs and bosses- the way they speak to their best people. I handle it all and it’s a miraculous experience. The world is ready to light up for you- are you ready to fail with me? Let’s do it together. Why not! I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours… failures that is… Call me! Elizabeth Barry is a leading business consultant for individuals, businesses and organizations going through change. From senior executives to directors, her inspirational approach will add a powerful skip in your step, as your leadership swagger cascades to your teams. From tactical tips to intelligent analogies, The Elizabeth Barry effect is clear communication. From profit to happiness, to new leadership mentalities, hire Elizabeth Barry to coach you or your senior leadership team- as well as the teams below them to create kinder, more effective day to day business deals. Happy, healthy adults. That’s what it comes down to. Elizabeth is a self-published author of Own Your Vulnerability and to come in winter 2018, The Kind Communicator, with 5 more books to come in 2019. Follow Elizabeth on LinkedIn for articles and inspiration. #failure #leadership #executive #marketing #sales

The “Too Involved” CEO

This article goes out to all senior executives out there… We see you and we hear you. We know that you’re surrounded by deadlines. You lead teams and must show up daily with a smile, answer every email, and achieve the success that you wish, along with the goals for the company. But what happens when your boss or CEO is “too involved”? And what do I mean by too involved? What I mean is that they want you to go out there and do your best, but then barge into every idea, meeting, strategy or mission and change it with their spin. How does that apply your personal success? Is that like saying go free and create and then, but wait, let me handcuff you, first to my ideas. Where is the balance there? Where are the boundaries and how the heck do we ask our bosses to stay out of it in the kindest way? What is the path to communication that needs to take place? It’s a sensitive subject because we like, well, some of us, like our bosses, but the truth is that many are “too involved” in our personal goals and achievements and quite frankly, some of their ideas don’t match that of the success that we see. And some of their ideas in the day-to-day can be detrimental to sales goals. The art of delegation is just that… an art. It’s like a Picasso painting. It takes time to complete and it takes time to understand. Sometimes you have to stare for a while to truly understand what you are painting by not delegating, and what that can equate to is a disaster and you’ll have to start over with a new canvas, over and over again. Let your teams do their work. I think it was Steve Jobs who said, “Hire smart people and let them tell you what to do.” What starts out as careful guidance becomes a hovering, perhaps even a haunting. The power of bad habits is the power to bring down the house, and that includes enthusiasm, confidence and the thrill of working wherever it may be. I know a few CEO’s who hire coaches who simply let them do their thing. That’s right. There are some really bad coaches out there who ALLOW the CEO to do what they do because they just want their title as coach and need to be hired as the consultant. That’s an awful way to be. If your coach allows you to do anything, you’re going to end up at the bottom of the ocean with all the funny looking fish. I love those fish. Stay away from them! But if you look to become better, hire a coach or a consultant that will give you the tough love and hold you accountable, with awareness and leadership telling you the things you don’t want to hear so that your business will thrive, and more importantly, your teams and employees will smile more. They say, if you want to be liked, go sell ice cream. Such a true statement. If you’re the person who is too involved, think about executive coaching that will take the power away from your bad habits. If you’re an employee or senior executive who works with a boss like this, my best advice is to also hire an executive coach on how to handle, act and carry yourself around that type of situation, or work towards your exit thereafter. We must never stay complacent or unhappy- because this life is too short. Live your dreams for today and tomorrow will always be looked upon enthusiastically. If you’re reading this right now and know that you’re too involved, mention this blog to receive $100 off any 6 month coaching package. Elizabeth Barry is a leading business consultant for individuals and businesses. From entrepreneurs to C-Suite executives, her inspirational approach will add a powerful skip in your step, as your leadership swagger cascades to your teams and clients. From tactical tips to intelligent analogies, The Elizabeth Barry effect is clear communication. From profit to happiness, to new leadership mentalities, hire Elizabeth Barry to coach you or your senior leadership team- as well as the teams below them to create kinder, more effective day to day business deals. Happy, healthy adults. That’s what it comes down to. Elizabeth is a self-published author of Own Your Vulnerability and to come in winter 2019, The Kind Communicator. Visit her website at And please follow Elizabeth on LinkedIn for articles and inspiration. #kindness #businessmastery #salesleadership #character #executives

Do You Practice Kindness in Business?

Some people are caught up in so much of their own business and ego BS that their heads are too far up “you know where”. We must must must MUST make the shift back to the earth, my friends, ground our feet, our souls, our minds, our hearts and most importantly- our attitudes. I am about to launch an annual Kindness Campaign with the publishing of 2 kindness books, a book on male vulnerability, another on influence, and one for the ladies on sensuality. This first and next book on kindness was inspired by my work over the past 15 years in small business, networking events, big business, employees, clients and jerks. Sometimes we have to thank the jerks for teaching us who we should NOT be. It’s not always about what we CAN be, it’s also about learning from the “NOTs” which is why they put those “Don’ts” in the fashion books. We learn from them. For instance, in the book, when I discuss Purpose, I tell stories that sometimes we’re searching for too much of what we want and perhaps we’d find our purpose quicker if we begin by knowing what we don’t want or won’t allow. There is one story in the follow up book to The Kind Communicator where I shared a tale about an unhappy client who had a personality of ugliness and showed it in the most gruesome ways- but she got caught, which was awesome too, thanks to the help of some fine gentleman. Imagine an adult sending mean and nasty anonymous notes to a business? Yes. That happened in 2018 and that lady was caught and defensive. She needs years worth of coaching, but none-the-less, we cannot change everyone, only ourselves. You see, we’re living in the age of social media, we’re living in the age of putting ourselves out there and sometimes we just have to let people be instead of harping, harassing or being a jerk on purpose. We throw people under the bus and for what? To be right? To make ourselves feel better? Come on, you’re only lying to yourself and providing that bad juju into the world and onto your aura. Enough is enough with the negativity. Be kind. Breathe, flow, be one with nature, and learn about the nature of who you are and how you show up in this world because it CAN be great. Let it go! My dearest friend and business colleague, Talia Filippelli of Starr Therapy always says, “LET IT GO and BE HAPPY ON PURPOSE.” So why on earth can’t we do this? Well, my book argues that we don’t know how as adults and there’s a tipping point coming where can learn to let go but we have to give ourselves the permission to do so and the open heart to look at our shadow selves. Be vulnerable and just be. I ask readers to unclench their jaw, untuck their shirts and smile with me as we learn the art of kinder communication because the business world needs it. We need more connectedness rather than separateness because those who separate- are ugly inside and out. It’s like an epidemic. This book is one of the most powerful pieces that I’ve put out into this world and at 40, I have 4 more to give you this year and cannot wait to share my truth as well as the truth of others. I call it, the Kindness Innovation and the more we put it into practice the better we will feel. So, be kind. Come to my book launch party if you’re in the NYC or NJ area. I’d love to meet you. More to come, EB Elizabeth Barry is a leading business consultant for individuals and businesses. From entrepreneurs to C-Suite executives, her inspirational approach will add a powerful skip in your step, as your leadership swagger cascades to your teams and clients. From tactical tips to intelligent analogies, The Elizabeth Barry effect is clear communication. From profit to happiness, to new leadership mentalities, hire Elizabeth Barry to coach you or your senior leadership team- as well as the teams below them to create kinder, more effective day to day business deals. Happy, healthy adults. That’s what it comes down to. If you’re reading this within 5 days of the post going live and you want some awesome kick ass coaching, take $100 off any 6 month package with me and watch yourself transform. #business #kindness #mastery #leadership

The “Other” Perspective of Sales

I read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People when I visited Buenos Aires years ago and I continually use it as a reference fo myself and my clients. From cafe to bar, I hopped around scouring the book cover to cover to unearth that of which I didn’t know, and to recapture many of the thoughts I’ve instilled within career- we must never stop learning and never stop realizing that we still have so much more to know- everyday! Here’s a book perspective that I particularly want to share today from this resource and it’s also bringing back moments from my trip to Argentina. The amateur salesman sells products; the professional sells solutions to needs and problems. The professional learns how to diagnose, how to understand. He also learns how to relate people’s needs to his products and services. If you’re one of the people who is crowding my Linkedin inbox with copy-paste long form emails and blah blah blah, stop that. Personalize your approach and sell me a solution from looking at my website and realizing what I need to know that I don’t! Brand managers and CMO’s out there: You have likely received both types of calls: When someone simply pushes their “stuff” (eek!), and the other- where you remain curious because a salesperson took the time to understand how their products or services can actually benefit your business. I strive to be the latter. And you should too. Look there are two types of sales people, lazy and courageous. If you’re in sales, your job is to be on the phone and introducing yourself to new prospects. I get it. it’s a hard job. Trust me, I did it for years, but I was a badass and that lead me to my success in developing a 6-figure strategic marketing agency which lead further to today, leading the Elizabeth Barry Consulting Agency providing business coaching and consulting to executives and entrepreneurs. But here’s my difference between what I did and what “the other perspective of sales people, the lazy ones do or did” (I say did because maybe you’ll hire me and I can help you change because you can.) I always sat down to prep my work before prospecting clients. I reviewed their brand, the people at the brand, their challenges and solutions and thought about ways that my products and services could be the niche that was missing in their marketing programs. I looked to understand their challenges and offered possibilities to offer. And THAT is why I like to keep reading and that’s why I do what I do now because we don’t know what we don’t know and coaching masterminds are a baller way to be humbled. I believe in what I do. I believe that you believe in what you do and perhaps you simply need new tools or book recommendations to be the change you want to see in yourself and your commissions checks. What’s frustrating you with sales right now? Are you stuck? If so, give me a call. Look around at my website and email me. If you reach out to me within 5 days of this post going love, I am offering you $100 off your last month of coaching for a 6 month program. Get it. #sales #salesleadership #marketing #prospect #client #businessmastery

Land on the Moon, or a Landing Page

If you want your message to be thought of as over the moon, here’s my point of view on how to make it happen. And whether you believe we landed on the moon or it was a conspiracy, that’s besides the point. But even cooler is this weekend is a Blood moon and an eclipse and oh so much is happening cosmically, so why not equate landing pages and landing on the moon. Work must be fun, and if it’s not, you’re in the wrong mindset. Ok, so… You’re a brand manager, CEO, entrepreneur- And if you are, you always have something to share with your audience. Whether you’re ready to launch a new product, website, or special offer, a landing page is a great way to drive new traffic, deliver a focused message and increase your sales funnel. Landing pages give you awesome control. And just like we don’t have much control over our gravity in space, we have little control when we don’t have a focussed page with a campaign, right?! So… Let’s make a footprint by creating a campaign that makes your customers and prospects think, act, react or smile. Here are a few of the ways that we can start a relationship based upon a landing page campaign idea. This is the perfect conversation starter between you and me- I’m a personal and professional development business coach and years of experience in marketing and sales which leads you to not only creating success but finding inner peace while doing so. That’s a win-win. Testing 1,2,3. As someone with big ideas, you want to put your best foot forward. Sometimes that takes a little testing to see how customers react. When you build landing pages, you can set up A/B testing, which allows you to test different headlines, copy, calls-to-action and images. Once you know what your customers are responding to, you can push the winning page out to the masses. Focus. What are you trying to accomplish? Selling a product? Building your database? Promoting a specific discount or offer? This is your chance to focus on targeted messaging without increasing the clutter on your homepage. If you don’t, your message gets lost in space, and so does your sales. (And perhaps maybe a bit of your brand image). A cluttered home page is not the way you want to lead, my friends. Track your goals. Where are you sending visitors from your digital advertising? Are they going into oblivion or are they being spoken to in a way to increase conversion rates? It’s your call. You know better. Don’t just throw them on any old page. They’ll leave you quicker than you’ll be downing your wine on a Friday night. As a Business Coach and Consultant, of Elizabeth Barry Consulting agency based out of Jersey City NJ -working with leaders from across the United States, my goal is to help make the best suggestions that build relationships. Sometimes it doesn’t have to include an overwhelmingly enormous budget to begin. Often times, our conversations about your goals lead to a campaign that can spark the light to soar ahead into space or shoot or the moon and land on a star. Sometimes our conversations can lead to a partnership that skyrockets into a big business deal or idea. Simply put… landing page campaigns are simple to implement and massively effective. What does your test project look like? Let’s think about it. Together. One of my favorite lines from way back when we had Black and White Television was from Ralph Cramden, “To the Moon, Alice!” So, let’s go! If you’re reading this blog post within 5 days of it launching, you can receive $100 off a 6 month coaching program with me which equates to $900 total off because I always give discounts for my clients who pay up front. If you want $100 off one month of the 6 months, we can do that too! It will be added to your 6th month. Either way, email me today and look around at my website because I can help you soar, and your message land the way you wish with your clients. It’s my specialty. #executiveentrepreneur #executives #leader #landingpage #businessethic #personaldevelopment #professionaldevelopment

Let’s Meet for Coffee

It’s 2019. Let’s face it, there’s only so much you can learn about someone via email or voicemail. So here’s where I see coffee as being somewhat of a communication hero in the New Year. You see, the Internet has made life “Oh so convenient”. And life’s communication options when first getting to know someone have become a tad less personal. So, I say, let’s bring a little java into the picture. Even if our java is in front of a Zoom meeting. We get to personalize our conversation, have a great laugh and connect in a way that we wouldn’t have before – behind an email. You see, as a communication coach on personal and professional development, I teach clients about the art of communication and how even the slightest off remark on email can turn someone away or create a bad habit that you don’t even you know about. I’m a written card type of girl, and I have a stack of personalized cards that I send to people because that’s what I love to do. Call me old school, but I love it. Understanding your brand and your leadership means understanding YOU, first. In fact, building personal relationships matter so much to me, I made a top five list of why I love meeting clients for coffee- in person or via zoom meetings. Here it is… You meet new personalities. Sitting across from someone gives you a great picture of who that person is. It’s so easy to misinterpret tone or intent in email. Let’s get to know each other beyond the digital envelope of mail. I’m kinda fun… you may learn that very quickly. ???? You get to know more about the person, not just the professional. Find out what makes someone tick and be candid, why don’t ya. This, btw, can only enhance your business relationships with a fruitful twist. You may both like cats or sailing or dance. Who knows?! You can get excited over the little things. Face to face interaction allows you to see how happy someone gets when they talk about a particular topic they’re interested in. Maybe it comes up that you love chocolate like I do, or travel, or wine! I love to see how your eyes light up when we talk about what you like. You get a break! Hello! Allow yourself the distraction of freeing up a half hour or so to spark a new conversation over some hot java. And last but certainly not least, I genuinely love what I do. Nothing makes me happier than supporting people and seeing others shine. I can better help you if I know more about you. So come on, let’s chat. Name the time and the place. Coffee’s on me. Or, if you’re in California, maybe Seattle or Chicago, let’s zoom meeting coffee and I can show you my cool little coffee mugs that get me smiling in the morning. Learn more about Elizabeth Barry Consulting Agency, my books and resources, not to mention my philosophy at and if you’re reading this post within 5 days of it going live on my site, I’m offering you $100 off 6 months of business coaching and consulting with me. Please email me today to receive your special gift at Enjoy your coffee tomorrow and realize that you maybe should be sharing that time meeting a new personality. #leadership #sales #meetings #entrepreneur #character #charisma #executives #personaldevelopment

A Coaching Note for Sales Teams

I spent years as a high-ranking undefeated top selling sales director. What does that mean and why does it matter? Well, to most people, it’s sales. Some may describe it as calls… leaving messages, talking to gate keepers and looking to get in front of potential clients at top performing brands. Sure it’s about results at the end of the day, but to me, it’s more about building relationships. I have evolved my sales and marketing leadership skills into a thriving premiere personal and professional coaching agency, The Elizabeth Barry Consulting Agency, based out of Jersey City, NJ, and coaching teams from across the United States. As I have grown in this space, my inbox is flooded, and I mean flooded with copy and pasted LinkedIn long form pitches to get me to click or to sell me something. It’s ridiculous that today’s sales leaders are so damn lazy. When I was in sales, I never was lazy and you know what? That’s why I opened with, I was a high-ranking undefeated top selling sales director. Because the lazy ones never win. The copy-pasters do not get in the door. Why? Because anyone can come in and tell you how great their product or service is and everything they’re capable of. But how often are Marketing Directors, CMOs and Sales Managers getting to know the people at the companies they’re potentially about to connect with? ie: The big win! The big sale- the creation of business mastery! Getting to know a company and its goals before pitching is awesome. Trust me. The people you’re pitching are really freaking cool and if you don’t spend your time wisely prospecting, your legacy as a sales leader is going to be “That guy who copy-pasted in thousands of LinkedIn inboxes with long form boring emails.” Getting to know the actual people you’re about to work with; that’s often overlooked. I know what my coaching and consulting skills can bring to the right tools and secrets to your team’s table or your table, if you’re a struggling sales leader-and of course I want to share these secrets in a big way- through the art of getting to know one another. You and I- but I’m gonna let you prospect me and I’ll rate you- until you’re so good, like Wolf of Wall Street good selling me your pen and I buy it. I love understanding who you are, your approach, your energy and story—through your eyes, your authentic voice and words. That’s when proposals and partnerships truly become effective. And that’s where the magic happens. Learning another person’s story can be inspiring in many ways. One of my greatest prospects said to me in my sales days, “We get so bogged down in our day-to-day that we forget about what keeps our digital lives running, and that’s the connections we make as people.” I’m still connected with a mass majority of the people I sold products and services to since I was 24. That says a lot. So let’s connect and talk coaching for you! Let me understand how I can help you. If you’re reading this now (of course you are) and it’s within 5 days of the post launch on my site, you can get $100 off 6 months of coaching package, which equates to $900 in total of my services. Message me today at and look around at my philosophy, books and resources at #coaching #consulting #leadership #business #executive #entrepreneur

The Value of Compassionate Leadership

It’s interesting right?! I said, how to… and then compassionate leadership. I did that on purpose. As part of my new book The Kind Communicator, published under my BeyondEgo brand at the Elizabeth Barry Consulting Agency, I’m getting behind the idea that today’s business leaders can be strong – especially with compassion, empathy and kinder ways of using communication, from manners to actions and words. This is strictly pure experience from running a small B2B business for almost 20 years, experiencing a relationship with a narcissist, and co-owning a B2C business for almost 3 years and experiencing customer service for the first time (as an owner/manager). I never got my MBA but I certainly got one with owning a B2C business- from the language and vocabulary, rolled eyes and more from clients and unruly employees, I learned my fair share and now I teach what I’ve learned in my coaching programs to all clients. Within a year, after stepping in to clean up a mess, and coming on board to watch the atrocity of communication patterns from entitlement to bigger entitlement, I shifted it all- by ways of my words and my actions. It’s an Elizabeth Barry Consulting Agency secret and I provide this training to all of my executives and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and develop better communication patterns and habits. What I realize is that far too many adults practice negative, slightly abusive behaviors when it comes to communicating with each other in the office and in life. Adults throw each other under the bus, they nit-pick on purpose, they refrain from change and make your life miserable because of their stubborn ways… I can go on, but I know that you know this. Any leader out there sees this happening and when it does, it’s very difficult to put that nice guy, that compassionate person in the room and let him or her speak or lead because you’re stuck like I was, cleaning up a mess. So, with tools and activated coaching and consulting that produces ongoing results, your life will change. I know that because I did it and I also see it in my clients. We all have a long way to go. It’s not an overnight job, but it’s worth it to go on the journey. The most important tools are found in the breathe and in active listening- and the rest, is trained responses, rather than reactions. This is imperial especially during chaos, confusion and challenge. I do believe that compassionate leadership is an opportunity for us all to embrace if and when we are ready. My new book, The Kind Communicator, dives into a new type of inspirational journey that we can all take to become kinder. It launches soon. In general, be kind. Be compassionate and don’t let the a**holes get the best of you. Leadership has the word lead in it. If you shift the way you are, over time… sometimes really long times, others shift too. And if they do or don’t, it won’t matter in the long run because you have the tools and training to not let anything bother you or hinder your success like it used to. The Professional and Personal Development coaching for executives and entrepreneurs at Elizabeth Barry Consulting agency focuses on vulnerability and boundaries for clients to charismatically lead above all the minutia. “Compassion is the radicalness of our time.” The Dalai Lama Elizabeth Barry, founder of Elizabeth Barry Consulting Agency, is a leading business consultant for entrepreneurs and executives located in Jersey City, NJ. From entrepreneurs to C-Suite executives, her inspirational approach will add a powerful skip in your step, as your leadership swagger cascades to your teams and clients. From tactical tips to intelligent analogies, The Elizabeth Barry effect is clear communication. From profit to happiness, to new leadership mentalities, hire Elizabeth Barry to coach you or your senior leadership team- as well as the teams below them to create kinder, more effective day to day business deals. Happy, healthy adults. That’s what it comes down to. Elizabeth is a self-published author of Own Your Vulnerability and to come in winter 2019, The Kind Communicator. Visit her website at And please follow Elizabeth on LinkedIn for articles and inspiration. Anyone who mentions this article within 5 days of publishing will receive $100 OFF 6 months of coaching. #compassion #leadership #kindness #business #leader #executiveentrepreneur