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Elizabeth Barry is known as a Chief Kindness Officer, a Chief Empathy Officer and she’s a revered business coach. She believes in the potential of the human spirit and helps leaders to humanize their communication. Get to know her, interview her, invite her on your podcast, ask her to speak at your business retreat, make her your coach, buy her books and meet her for a martini, this girl is on fire! 

I left corporate America at the age of 28 in 2006 and I launched a strategic marketing agency and said, “I’m going to help people!”. Since then I’ve been a trailblazer with a strong appreciation for being able to help my clients overcome anything. On my journey, when something didn’t work, I changed it. When I fell, I dusted off (and after a little wine, a lotta chocolate and maybe a cry of course) I tried again. I taught my clients the same, it’s called vulnerability and it’s a strength, not a weakness. While harnessing my career as a marketing consultant. I ran a successful national business and had an exceptional team with unwavering support that I treated like family. I built their careers, launched hundreds of brands and I’m very grateful for each individual story along the way. 

In my life, I have always surrounded myself with the BEST of mentors and opportunities to keep my spark lit. I also learned how to become my own teacher finding self-love early on in life. I’m a communication expert now because I was a reactor. I was insecure, I didn’t know how to stand up for myself and when pushed or judged, I went to my corner instead of standing for who I was or who I was meant to be. So I got coached by the best (Gary Bishop, author of UnF*ck Yourself) and today, I am one of the best coaches I know because I’m fun and I get straight to the point. Coaching is significant for life’s dramas. It helps you become objective and stop sweating the small stuff, exhale the BS, stand in your power and change what you don’t like in yourself or in your life, career or relationships.

I became a mentee of Wayne Dyer’s teachings. I met him several times, coached his daughter Skye for her TEDx talk , and wouldn’t ya know that Wayne’s right hand woman co-hosted two of my TEDx events with me. Gotta love persistence and creativity for following your mentors, right? 

So, back to trailblazing… Along the way, I’ve curated 17 TEDx events, attended TED twice, started several women’s empowerment initiatives and I offered a hand and a heart to everyone around me that needed a lift. I was SUPER AMAZING at the consulting I was giving to my clients and it beautifully transitioned into coaching- from business to career, relationships and student mentorship. 

So now I’m a coach and I transform the lives of people from all over the world. Some say I’m highly perceptive… that I truly “SEE people” in the way they can’t fully see themselves and then they work with me and BOOM! They’re different, new, inspired and enrolled in their purpose! There’s no formulaic script here, nor do I have a cookie cutter program, but I do eat them. Chocolate chip preferred. I was born to coach and I’ve crafted a mighty 20 year establishment as a consultant with hundreds of life changes.

I’ve written transformative books that have a unique lyrical, poetic style that combine my smarts with sensitivity. What makes me truly unique is that I’m fun to be around. I can write and speak and coach but I truly genuinely like people and they appreciate me. That makes for the perfect client-coach relationship and trusted bonds are immediately formed. I write a ton of content on LinkedIN and I have cool podcast called BeyondEgo. Yeah, that pesky ego… always getting in your way right? Wrong! Take a listen.

I’ve coached hundreds of public speakers for the stage and I’m a forever student of life thanks to the masters who inspired me such as Wayne Dyer, Robin Sharma, Eckhart Tolle, Seth Godin, Louise Hay, Plato, Aristotle and many more. Are you a college student or know one? I’m frequently asked to speak at and teach at colleges and universities because students adore me and they want to learn about ego more than you’d think. I privately coach high school and college students as well. Students love personal and professional development, especially because they say it’s more interesting than their normal school subjects. Life IS more interesting to learn about!

People are touched by my light, profit from my advice and become transformed when they apply my wisdom. Energy is everything and connection can be profound when you tap into it with the right coach, speaker and author. That’s me.

On January 3rd of this year, I was struck in a hit and run boating accident and I lost the love of my life. It’s been a journey ever since and I am determined to inspire the world, being a force of inspiration to everyone who needs a lift in spirits. Let’s live the life fulfilled together. It’s much more fun when you actually get to know yourself in the way I see you- belief becomes your way of life. Let’s all become Kind Communicators in 2020.

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