The BeyondEgo Podcast by Elizabeth Barry

Elizabeth coaches leaders on communication, branding and transformational business strategies. Her network spans globally and her mindset and mastery on the topic of going “beyond” has given rise to a new podcast.

BeyondEgo sparks the imagination of all leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers. Live the life fulfilled through powerful communication habits.

EB’s energetic authority on the subject of vulnerability is a compelling listen for all. Podcasts dive deep into the heart of  kindness, compassion, empathy, trust and communication. Falling, dusting off, and getting back up- that’s where the magic lives.

​Become an OnBeyonder and listen in.


Elizabeth has affectionately named her tribe OnBeyonders. OnBeyonders are leaders who seek to become more of themselves, less like the pack, and thrive in individuality, authenticity and courage. Through working with Elizabeth, OnBeyonders become contagious to be around. They’re wise, aspirational and evolve through personal development. OnBeyonders know, “There’s alway room to learn more.”

The OnBeyonders Mindset: Surround yourself with others who are in search of their greatness and understand the core values needed to navigate the complexities of self, life, career and challenges. Listeners  are inspired to discover greater self-worth to bring realities to a more passionate and compassionate place in their lives.

​What does BEYOND mean? It’s different for all of us. Let it mean something to you by taking part. 

Episode Blogs

BE 07 | Leading By Listening
  Communication is a two-way street. However, most of us mistake communication as only the talking process and tend to forget one of its critical aspects which is listening. Jaime Jay, the Founder and Managing Director of Bottleneck Virtual Assistants, shares that we can learn so much more by listening. He says people don’t realize how bad it is when we wouldn’t let people finish their thoughts. Oftentimes, many business leaders with very dominant personalities don’t
BE 06 | Wisdom Of The Womb
  A lot of women are struggling with their fertility and trying to conceive. In reality, many factors may affect a woman in getting pregnant that she may not be aware of – her health, environment, or even products that she’s using. Ariele Myers, the founder of Wisdom of the Womb, has over fifteen years of experience treating fertility and women’s reproductive health with a 97% chance of helping women get pregnant. The Wisdom of the
BE 5 | Abundance And Service
  Abundance isn’t really synonymous to wealth, as wealth is more likely to be material. Abundance is beyond that. Julie Lineberger believes abundance is being of service which in turn produces fulfillment in your inner self. Julie is the Founder of LineSync Architecture and Wheel Pad and the past Chair of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility Board of Directors. She and her husband have been passionate about doing service to the people and going beyond
BE 4 | Aromatherapy
  It is never too late to change the course of your direction. For Valerie Bennis, it has been 25 years since she left her corporate job and started studying essential oils, to natural healing, and aromatherapy at 48. Valerie is the Founder and President of Essence of Vali, a company that creates aromatherapy products. With her company, Valerie desires to contribute to the people beyond the products by inspiring them to breathe, love themselves, age
BE 3 | Mindfulness And Yoga
  Mindfulness and yoga can be linked with each other. Yoga is the physical art while mindfulness is being aware of what’s happening in the present situation, and they both need focus. Keith Mitchell, former NFL All-Pro football player and master certified yoga instructor, shares his life-changing situation where he was left partially paralyzed in a football injury and how he emerged to full recovery through conscious breathing, yoga, and meditation. Keith talks about self-forgiveness,
BE 2 | Providing Value
  A lot of people believe opportunity knocks only once and you better succeed. But what do you do with failure in that context? Leadership communication expert John Bates experienced one of his biggest failures with a company called of which he was a co-founder. Being essentially the evangelist for the company, he was on TV and press all the time, talking at conferences, and going around visiting the employees, only to have the
BE 1 | Beyond Ego
  Elizabeth Barry, the founder of BeyondEgo, takes us into the realm of what it means to go “beyond” and how the idea of this podcast came about. With a few intriguing lessons from Dr. Seuss and ideas shared about how to transform into a better leader and communicator through vulnerability and authenticity, Elizabeth will leave you with a smile on your face as you realize that adulting with benefits is just what you need.
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The New Way to Face Failure Oh my word! Did I just say the words “a new way to failure?” I did! Does that mean we’ve been looking at it all wrong for a while? Perhaps. Here’s the scoop:  The painstakingly humbling, shocking, embarrassment and arrogance in all of us knowing that we beat ourselves up when things don’t go right is something we must address as leaders in 2019.  I will tell you that
The “Too Involved” CEO This article goes out to all senior executives out there… We see you and we hear you. We know that you’re surrounded by deadlines. You lead teams and must show up daily with a smile, answer every email, and achieve the success that you wish, along with the goals for the company.  But what happens when your boss or CEO is “too involved”? And what do I mean by too involved?
Do You Practice Kindness in Business? Some people are caught up in so much of their own business and ego BS that their heads are too far up “you know where”. We must must must MUST make the shift back to the earth, my friends, ground our feet, our souls, our minds, our hearts and most importantly- our attitudes.  I am about to launch an annual Kindness Campaign with the publishing of 2 kindness books,
The “Other” Perspective of Sales I read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People when I visited Buenos Aires years ago and I continually use it as a reference fo myself and my clients. From cafe to bar, I hopped around scouring the book cover to cover to unearth that of which I didn’t know, and to recapture many of the thoughts I’ve instilled within career- we must never stop learning and never stop realizing

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