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Elizabeth Barry was interviewed by Christopher Kai on The Sifters Podcast and she was asked about how her kindness innovation is changing the world and how it affects the stories that people tell themselves as well as how it affects her story of business investing in the topic of kind communication. If you have 20 minutes, I thoroughly recommend listening to this episode and also, please subscribe to Elizabeth Barry’s podcast, BeyondEgo to learn when
Elizabeth Barry has been a women’s empowerment advocate for almost two decades. She’s inspired so many women and men throughout the years and now that she’s a published author with 4 new books for 2020 and 2021, she looks back at the first ebook she wrote. Elizabeth was a trailblazer and launched the very first women in business council in Hoboken in 2011. Within this vision, she hosted bi-monthly meetings with 50+ women that networked,
While authoring my new book, Design Your Mind to be Kind, at the age of 41, I am proud to continue working on several communication patterns in my life and career, not to mention, on top of that now- healing from a broken heart and mending my body from a boating hit and run accident on January 3rd where I lost my love, but not my life. I am a miracle to be alive and
My work is based on kindness and many corporate executives may find it too soft, and others, find this work fascinating to run their offices with less drama and less of a toxic atmosphere. “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” The elephant is a symbol of wisdom and leadership and yet she is so kind- so beautiful and majestic. This is kind communication. Let me go into detail here.
I call myself the Kind Communicator and a Chief Kindess Officer. I’m an author and performance coach with a specialization in leadership and communication. We can all learn a thing or two about how to communicate with more compassion and empathy which really translates to learning about how someone else feels, which ultimately should tame your “reactor”. With the right tools you can become what I call, a solutions-based thinker and speaker. There’s a whole
I really don’t think we are pros if we overcome obstacles, I just liked that title to get you reading. Sorry, not sorry… but anyways, let’s keep going now that I have your attention. Facing failure objectively can be one of the most gratifying experiences of your life. The more challenges you overcome, the more capable you become, the more you can handle it all with grace. It’s all a part of the leadership curve.
I published a new book on March 21st 2020. It’s called Design Your Mind to be Kind. I wrote a letter that readers would pen once they get to the end of the book realizing what I call, “seeing their higher selves appear”. By the end of the book, readers tap into their higher selves, beyond the ego, with their authenticity breaking free from egos wall. If you’d like a copy of the book, there’s
Be a Better Listener. Be a Better Speaker. I’m creating a community for the culture of kind communication to exist and thrive. This is a chance for understanding kindness in order to become a better communicator. In order to speak up, live in the moment through softer words and actions, and work through your career as a higher, more elevated human being, you must innovate. My project, my body of work, it’s called The Kindness
As my new book has launched, I’m anxiously awaiting the world to dive into each page and chapter as I help them explore the 3 habits of effective communicators and the 6 personalities to embody your highest self. This book comes very timely with our worldly situation of the Corona Virus. The book’s teachings are based within mother nature, which we adults can use a few lessons about right now, as the mother is speaking- from
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  Our lives are like a blank canvass, and we are the artists who will create the drawing and choose and fill the colors. Antonio Reonegro, the creator of Havoc Media Design, is an illustrator, graphic designer, and a photographer who is always out there creating art and drawing in all sorts of weather. He shares the passion and the challenges he’s had as an artist and businessman, and how he was chosen by The
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  Communication is a two-way street. However, most of us mistake communication as only the talking process and tend to forget one of its critical aspects which is listening. Jaime Jay, the Founder and Managing Director of Bottleneck Virtual Assistants, shares that we can learn so much more by listening. He says people don’t realize how bad it is when we wouldn’t let people finish their thoughts. Oftentimes, many business leaders with very dominant personalities don’t
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  A lot of women are struggling with their fertility and trying to conceive. In reality, many factors may affect a woman in getting pregnant that she may not be aware of – her health, environment, or even products that she’s using. Ariele Myers, the founder of Wisdom of the Womb, has over fifteen years of experience treating fertility and women’s reproductive health with a 97% chance of helping women get pregnant. The Wisdom of the

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