The “Other” Perspective of Sales

I read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People when I visited Buenos Aires years ago and I continually use it as a reference fo myself and my clients. From cafe to bar, I hopped around scouring the book cover to cover to unearth that of which I didn’t know, and to recapture many of the thoughts I’ve instilled within career- we must never stop learning and never stop realizing that we still have so much more to know- everyday! Here’s a book perspective that I particularly want to share today from this resource and it’s also bringing back moments from my trip to Argentina. The amateur salesman sells products; the professional sells solutions to needs and problems. The professional learns how to diagnose, how to understand. He also learns how to relate people’s needs to his products and services. If you’re one of the people who is crowding my Linkedin inbox with copy-paste long form emails and blah blah blah, stop that. Personalize your approach and sell me a solution from looking at my website and realizing what I need to know that I don’t! Brand managers and CMO’s out there: You have likely received both types of calls: When someone simply pushes their “stuff” (eek!), and the other- where you remain curious because a salesperson took the time to understand how their products or services can actually benefit your business. I strive to be the latter. And you should too. Look there are two types of sales people, lazy and courageous. If you’re in sales, your job is to be on the phone and introducing yourself to new prospects. I get it. it’s a hard job. Trust me, I did it for years, but I was a badass and that lead me to my success in developing a 6-figure strategic marketing agency which lead further to today, leading the Elizabeth Barry Consulting Agency providing business coaching and consulting to executives and entrepreneurs. But here’s my difference between what I did and what “the other perspective of sales people, the lazy ones do or did” (I say did because maybe you’ll hire me and I can help you change because you can.) I always sat down to prep my work before prospecting clients. I reviewed their brand, the people at the brand, their challenges and solutions and thought about ways that my products and services could be the niche that was missing in their marketing programs. I looked to understand their challenges and offered possibilities to offer. And THAT is why I like to keep reading and that’s why I do what I do now because we don’t know what we don’t know and coaching masterminds are a baller way to be humbled. I believe in what I do. I believe that you believe in what you do and perhaps you simply need new tools or book recommendations to be the change you want to see in yourself and your commissions checks. What’s frustrating you with sales right now? Are you stuck? If so, give me a call. Look around at my website and email me. If you reach out to me within 5 days of this post going love, I am offering you $100 off your last month of coaching for a 6 month program. Get it. #sales #salesleadership #marketing #prospect #client #businessmastery

Land on the Moon, or a Landing Page

If you want your message to be thought of as over the moon, here’s my point of view on how to make it happen. And whether you believe we landed on the moon or it was a conspiracy, that’s besides the point. But even cooler is this weekend is a Blood moon and an eclipse and oh so much is happening cosmically, so why not equate landing pages and landing on the moon. Work must be fun, and if it’s not, you’re in the wrong mindset. Ok, so… You’re a brand manager, CEO, entrepreneur- And if you are, you always have something to share with your audience. Whether you’re ready to launch a new product, website, or special offer, a landing page is a great way to drive new traffic, deliver a focused message and increase your sales funnel. Landing pages give you awesome control. And just like we don’t have much control over our gravity in space, we have little control when we don’t have a focussed page with a campaign, right?! So… Let’s make a footprint by creating a campaign that makes your customers and prospects think, act, react or smile. Here are a few of the ways that we can start a relationship based upon a landing page campaign idea. This is the perfect conversation starter between you and me- I’m a personal and professional development business coach and years of experience in marketing and sales which leads you to not only creating success but finding inner peace while doing so. That’s a win-win. Testing 1,2,3. As someone with big ideas, you want to put your best foot forward. Sometimes that takes a little testing to see how customers react. When you build landing pages, you can set up A/B testing, which allows you to test different headlines, copy, calls-to-action and images. Once you know what your customers are responding to, you can push the winning page out to the masses. Focus. What are you trying to accomplish? Selling a product? Building your database? Promoting a specific discount or offer? This is your chance to focus on targeted messaging without increasing the clutter on your homepage. If you don’t, your message gets lost in space, and so does your sales. (And perhaps maybe a bit of your brand image). A cluttered home page is not the way you want to lead, my friends. Track your goals. Where are you sending visitors from your digital advertising? Are they going into oblivion or are they being spoken to in a way to increase conversion rates? It’s your call. You know better. Don’t just throw them on any old page. They’ll leave you quicker than you’ll be downing your wine on a Friday night. As a Business Coach and Consultant, of Elizabeth Barry Consulting agency based out of Jersey City NJ -working with leaders from across the United States, my goal is to help make the best suggestions that build relationships. Sometimes it doesn’t have to include an overwhelmingly enormous budget to begin. Often times, our conversations about your goals lead to a campaign that can spark the light to soar ahead into space or shoot or the moon and land on a star. Sometimes our conversations can lead to a partnership that skyrockets into a big business deal or idea. Simply put… landing page campaigns are simple to implement and massively effective. What does your test project look like? Let’s think about it. Together. One of my favorite lines from way back when we had Black and White Television was from Ralph Cramden, “To the Moon, Alice!” So, let’s go! If you’re reading this blog post within 5 days of it launching, you can receive $100 off a 6 month coaching program with me which equates to $900 total off because I always give discounts for my clients who pay up front. If you want $100 off one month of the 6 months, we can do that too! It will be added to your 6th month. Either way, email me today and look around at my website because I can help you soar, and your message land the way you wish with your clients. It’s my specialty. #executiveentrepreneur #executives #leader #landingpage #businessethic #personaldevelopment #professionaldevelopment

Let’s Meet for Coffee

It’s 2019. Let’s face it, there’s only so much you can learn about someone via email or voicemail. So here’s where I see coffee as being somewhat of a communication hero in the New Year. You see, the Internet has made life “Oh so convenient”. And life’s communication options when first getting to know someone have become a tad less personal. So, I say, let’s bring a little java into the picture. Even if our java is in front of a Zoom meeting. We get to personalize our conversation, have a great laugh and connect in a way that we wouldn’t have before – behind an email. You see, as a communication coach on personal and professional development, I teach clients about the art of communication and how even the slightest off remark on email can turn someone away or create a bad habit that you don’t even you know about. I’m a written card type of girl, and I have a stack of personalized cards that I send to people because that’s what I love to do. Call me old school, but I love it. Understanding your brand and your leadership means understanding YOU, first. In fact, building personal relationships matter so much to me, I made a top five list of why I love meeting clients for coffee- in person or via zoom meetings. Here it is… You meet new personalities. Sitting across from someone gives you a great picture of who that person is. It’s so easy to misinterpret tone or intent in email. Let’s get to know each other beyond the digital envelope of mail. I’m kinda fun… you may learn that very quickly. 😉 You get to know more about the person, not just the professional. Find out what makes someone tick and be candid, why don’t ya. This, btw, can only enhance your business relationships with a fruitful twist. You may both like cats or sailing or dance. Who knows?! You can get excited over the little things. Face to face interaction allows you to see how happy someone gets when they talk about a particular topic they’re interested in. Maybe it comes up that you love chocolate like I do, or travel, or wine! I love to see how your eyes light up when we talk about what you like. You get a break! Hello! Allow yourself the distraction of freeing up a half hour or so to spark a new conversation over some hot java. And last but certainly not least, I genuinely love what I do. Nothing makes me happier than supporting people and seeing others shine. I can better help you if I know more about you. So come on, let’s chat. Name the time and the place. Coffee’s on me. Or, if you’re in California, maybe Seattle or Chicago, let’s zoom meeting coffee and I can show you my cool little coffee mugs that get me smiling in the morning. Learn more about Elizabeth Barry Consulting Agency, my books and resources, not to mention my philosophy at and if you’re reading this post within 5 days of it going live on my site, I’m offering you $100 off 6 months of business coaching and consulting with me. Please email me today to receive your special gift at Enjoy your coffee tomorrow and realize that you maybe should be sharing that time meeting a new personality. #leadership #sales #meetings #entrepreneur #character #charisma #executives #personaldevelopment

A Coaching Note for Sales Teams

I spent years as a high-ranking undefeated top selling sales director. What does that mean and why does it matter? Well, to most people, it’s sales. Some may describe it as calls… leaving messages, talking to gate keepers and looking to get in front of potential clients at top performing brands. Sure it’s about results at the end of the day, but to me, it’s more about building relationships. I have evolved my sales and marketing leadership skills into a thriving premiere personal and professional coaching agency, The Elizabeth Barry Consulting Agency, based out of Jersey City, NJ, and coaching teams from across the United States. As I have grown in this space, my inbox is flooded, and I mean flooded with copy and pasted LinkedIn long form pitches to get me to click or to sell me something. It’s ridiculous that today’s sales leaders are so damn lazy. When I was in sales, I never was lazy and you know what? That’s why I opened with, I was a high-ranking undefeated top selling sales director. Because the lazy ones never win. The copy-pasters do not get in the door. Why? Because anyone can come in and tell you how great their product or service is and everything they’re capable of. But how often are Marketing Directors, CMOs and Sales Managers getting to know the people at the companies they’re potentially about to connect with? ie: The big win! The big sale- the creation of business mastery! Getting to know a company and its goals before pitching is awesome. Trust me. The people you’re pitching are really freaking cool and if you don’t spend your time wisely prospecting, your legacy as a sales leader is going to be “That guy who copy-pasted in thousands of LinkedIn inboxes with long form boring emails.” Getting to know the actual people you’re about to work with; that’s often overlooked. I know what my coaching and consulting skills can bring to the right tools and secrets to your team’s table or your table, if you’re a struggling sales leader-and of course I want to share these secrets in a big way- through the art of getting to know one another. You and I- but I’m gonna let you prospect me and I’ll rate you- until you’re so good, like Wolf of Wall Street good selling me your pen and I buy it. I love understanding who you are, your approach, your energy and story—through your eyes, your authentic voice and words. That’s when proposals and partnerships truly become effective. And that’s where the magic happens. Learning another person’s story can be inspiring in many ways. One of my greatest prospects said to me in my sales days, “We get so bogged down in our day-to-day that we forget about what keeps our digital lives running, and that’s the connections we make as people.” I’m still connected with a mass majority of the people I sold products and services to since I was 24. That says a lot. So let’s connect and talk coaching for you! Let me understand how I can help you. If you’re reading this now (of course you are) and it’s within 5 days of the post launch on my site, you can get $100 off 6 months of coaching package, which equates to $900 in total of my services. Message me today at and look around at my philosophy, books and resources at #coaching #consulting #leadership #business #executive #entrepreneur

The Value of Compassionate Leadership

It’s interesting right?! I said, how to… and then compassionate leadership. I did that on purpose. As part of my new book The Kind Communicator, published under my BeyondEgo brand at the Elizabeth Barry Consulting Agency, I’m getting behind the idea that today’s business leaders can be strong – especially with compassion, empathy and kinder ways of using communication, from manners to actions and words. This is strictly pure experience from running a small B2B business for almost 20 years, experiencing a relationship with a narcissist, and co-owning a B2C business for almost 3 years and experiencing customer service for the first time (as an owner/manager). I never got my MBA but I certainly got one with owning a B2C business- from the language and vocabulary, rolled eyes and more from clients and unruly employees, I learned my fair share and now I teach what I’ve learned in my coaching programs to all clients. Within a year, after stepping in to clean up a mess, and coming on board to watch the atrocity of communication patterns from entitlement to bigger entitlement, I shifted it all- by ways of my words and my actions. It’s an Elizabeth Barry Consulting Agency secret and I provide this training to all of my executives and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and develop better communication patterns and habits. What I realize is that far too many adults practice negative, slightly abusive behaviors when it comes to communicating with each other in the office and in life. Adults throw each other under the bus, they nit-pick on purpose, they refrain from change and make your life miserable because of their stubborn ways… I can go on, but I know that you know this. Any leader out there sees this happening and when it does, it’s very difficult to put that nice guy, that compassionate person in the room and let him or her speak or lead because you’re stuck like I was, cleaning up a mess. So, with tools and activated coaching and consulting that produces ongoing results, your life will change. I know that because I did it and I also see it in my clients. We all have a long way to go. It’s not an overnight job, but it’s worth it to go on the journey. The most important tools are found in the breathe and in active listening- and the rest, is trained responses, rather than reactions. This is imperial especially during chaos, confusion and challenge. I do believe that compassionate leadership is an opportunity for us all to embrace if and when we are ready. My new book, The Kind Communicator, dives into a new type of inspirational journey that we can all take to become kinder. It launches soon. In general, be kind. Be compassionate and don’t let the a**holes get the best of you. Leadership has the word lead in it. If you shift the way you are, over time… sometimes really long times, others shift too. And if they do or don’t, it won’t matter in the long run because you have the tools and training to not let anything bother you or hinder your success like it used to. The Professional and Personal Development coaching for executives and entrepreneurs at Elizabeth Barry Consulting agency focuses on vulnerability and boundaries for clients to charismatically lead above all the minutia. “Compassion is the radicalness of our time.” The Dalai Lama Elizabeth Barry, founder of Elizabeth Barry Consulting Agency, is a leading business consultant for entrepreneurs and executives located in Jersey City, NJ. From entrepreneurs to C-Suite executives, her inspirational approach will add a powerful skip in your step, as your leadership swagger cascades to your teams and clients. From tactical tips to intelligent analogies, The Elizabeth Barry effect is clear communication. From profit to happiness, to new leadership mentalities, hire Elizabeth Barry to coach you or your senior leadership team- as well as the teams below them to create kinder, more effective day to day business deals. Happy, healthy adults. That’s what it comes down to. Elizabeth is a self-published author of Own Your Vulnerability and to come in winter 2019, The Kind Communicator. Visit her website at And please follow Elizabeth on LinkedIn for articles and inspiration. Anyone who mentions this article within 5 days of publishing will receive $100 OFF 6 months of coaching. #compassion #leadership #kindness #business #leader #executiveentrepreneur

The Reflection of NYC Staring Back

I’m home with my cats. It’s rained. They sit beside me. The lights of NYC light up the Hudson in glowing rays into the sea while Yo Yo Ma plays heavenly as I stare at the lights. The cats heads lay low, waiting for me to make the first move to run to their slumber. But who wants to sleep when you’re in awe of the music, a wine beside you, the full frontal of the NYC lights and an ambassador pussy cat laid out beside you… It’s the life you want to lead and I’m living it.

Rebranding? No problem. Do it the Old Spice Way.

All businesses age. They get old and tired, irrelevant and dated. If you’re a business owner or a CMO, you get this; sometimes you feel it the hard way. So let’s all take a breather because life is too short to be anxious about your marketing efforts. Taking action is the way to go. Today, I’m gonna teach you how to learn from other brands to give your marketing juices a mojo-type of swagger. Let’s look at Old Spice. Their business was slowing down and they needed a jolt. They also did some persona development before putting a campaign out there and behold… their audience was more than 50{63cfed81e5ee0c7ab5cf55993eb5d73c9de8e5e524777fe96b15185ad23a5289} women. So how do you sell a man’s wash or scent to women? You put a gorgeous man on a horse, on a boat, on a beach, and half naked in a towel. There ya go ladies… you wanna buy Old Spice now, donchta? And it wasn’t just images, Old Spice’s Smell Like a Man campaign became a video sensation. The coolest part of the campaign that most of you don’t know is that Old Spice actually reached out to its fans and customers to engage, ask questions and connect with their audience to ask them what they wanted to hear, see, and perhaps smell. That was a huge move because most advertising and marketing these days is one sided. Two sided conversations get you that much closer to an increase in brand awareness and a few drives up in sales. They went even further creating a campaign with you guessed it, yet another gorgeous hunk of a man, Fabio. The Old Spice Guy and Fabio battled it out in “man responses” on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube and viewers got to vote on their favorite responses during what was called the Mano a Mano En El Bano, a YouTube Event. I could go on and on. But this lesson comes to all of us who feel stale, boring and irrelevant. Here are a few tips to consider: -Pump out great content. Damn girl, go get it. Create… and keep it going. -Make it short and poppy. People don’t have time to figure out your campaigns anymore. Make an impact in a few seconds and you’ll draw the loyalty. -Engage. Make it a two way conversation, make them laugh, tell your story, evoke emotion. -Get out there! Stop placing content on your site or one social channel and wish that the whole world sees it. Because A. They won’t and B. That’s silly! Create partnerships, open an Insta account or share your content on sponsored emails or at events. Get it out there when it’s good and let your brand feel the relevance it deserves. -Get help. Stop spinning your wheels to come up with the ideas yourself. That’s what marketing consultants are for. (hint, hint, that’s me!) At the end of the day, The Old Spice Campaign was created by a huge ad agency and yes, it probably cost, no, it did cost a lot, which we may not have that budget, BUT… we do have our will to succeed, create and manifest a new relevance that gets our mojo risin’. No need to create a sexy ad campaign if you don’t want to. Although men in towels don’t hurt, your brand deserves the best. I work with clients on building fresh ideas through my strategy session and I’d love to take you through my brand experience to learn what’s missing, what may be wrong and fix it with you to execute on your next sensation. Now I’m gonna go watch some of those ads… you should too. Feel the jolt and do something about it! Love EB

Success and Failure with the Starbucks Brand

Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s a Starbucks on practically every corner. And if you order a small Pike, ahem, excuse me, a “tall” Pike or a Grande-Frapa-Mocha-Lacha-Chino-Extra Foam-Extra Pumps yada yada, you’ll agree that they’re doing many things right, from naming products to employee training to branding and evolving their story and penetrating new markets and offerings. This winter, I went in to take advantage of their “Buy one get one free” Share the Love campaign so I could get a free Peppermint Mocha for my doorman and I saw a big sign on a large piece of candy-like bread that stated, “Be the Office Hero”. Hello Corporate groups and morning meetings! This was for you! Did you pick it up? Very curious. It was obviously great marketing to New Yorkers saying, “After you buy your $6 coffee, think about your peeps in the cubicles that work beside you… after all, it is the holidays.” Great work, Starbucks. You made some office heroes feel like heroes this holiday season. Obviously, Starbucks is consistently innovating. And since I specialize in vulnerability and branding for mid-size companies, my point here is that we can always look at the larger behemoths to see how we can learn. In taking a sip of Starbucks and their not-so-great moments, we learn that expansion isn’t everything and over-expansion doesn’t always mean better. They got a little backlash over the years from this and we can all learn from this mistake of being too big, too soon. And then, from their Fizzio to Mazagram brands that kinda sorta, well, you know, flopped big time, they learned a great deal from “trying to be something” other than coffee or expanding into markets that their consumers did not want or need at that time. They wanted a Starbucks, not a gelato sorbet brand or coffee-soda drink! Geez, Starbucks! The good part about these failures is that they tried. They did some research, sampled and although the flops happened, they learned from them. Not every business idea is the big Kahuna. In fact, their Vivianno brand which was a smoothie line, did not win either, but they still sell the smoothies because some customers do want a smoothie, but they don’t necessarily want it under the former branded/given name of Vivianno. They just want a smoothie, plain and simple. You see, Starbucks knew their customers wanted healthier options, but not everyone related to the brand name, so they dropped it and just kept it as a menu options. So think about it folks? Each obstacle has a gift and some obstacles do present opportunities, you just have to be open and actively listening to bounce back from the fall. It might not be a fall at all, sometimes. Mmmm, Fall, Pumpkin Spice latte….. Ok, shoot. back on track here… Beyond their brand failures, which they will continue to have and we will continue to learn, their success is always soaring. They’ve become a place for everyone, expanding their brand with snacks, teas, real food, green drinks, kids treats and more. Practically every Starbucks in NYC is filled with buts in seats, first dates, entrepreneurs on laptops, and mommy-stroller brigades. And their ambiance is different and unique. It’s one of the reasons many are so attracted to the coffee house in the first place. Everyone can sit and chat over a coffee, study, or simply relax and people-watch without being bothered, listening to light cool music just released looking at artwork on the walls. It’s kinda awesome as tacky as it may sound. It may be a chain, but it certainly has life. And one of the most intriguing parts, probably one that keeps me questioning myself some days whispering to my wannabe desires of careers I’ll never have such as, “I’d like to try and be a badass barista throwin’ it down on the espresso machine all day- even if just one”. Starbucks by far, has an incredibly well-trained staff. This is an attractive brand story quality. Many employees know their sh${63cfed81e5ee0c7ab5cf55993eb5d73c9de8e5e524777fe96b15185ad23a5289}t. And even watching them in action behind the machines becomes entertainment. Enter-coffee-tainment. So, my point today in the vulnerability of brands is that we somehow often hold ourselves back from a brand launch, a new name launch, a new market to reach or an experience we’d like to shift. And if we learn from Starbucks and their product flops we realize that at least they are trying. At least they are transparent (even though the smoothie line was silently dropped… well played.) they keep striving. And yes, they’re much bigger than our brands, but we can learn something about company growth, strength and weakness by understanding that markets do shift and research can tell us one thing, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out. We’d all be devestated if they closed up shop because of failures… especially during Pumpkin Spice Latte season. It would be a travesty. So lift your glass, sip your foam and remember that you’re not alone when looking to achieve great heights. Get rid of your fear of failure. Everyone experiences it. So, stop holding yourself back. I’m off to get a mocha-choca-something or other right now. I got myself a bit of a craving after this post. Who’s with me? Anyone wanna meet next week to talk about their marketing obstacles over an Americano? My treat. subject: Starbucks Me Fail hard, fail fast and keep failing. There’s a win behind each fall. Oh and dear awesome boutique coffee brand rockstars like La Columbe, Gregorys Coffee, Birch and others, you rock too. I’m not just a fan of the big fellas. If you know a small to mid size brand who wants to talk vulnerability, strength and weakness and success and failure with me, please send them my way at Oh and if you have any insight, strength, weakness or success and failure that you like or dislike most about Starbucks- do share it. I’m in love with open discussions about these sortsa things.

Success and Failure with the Converse Brand

Owning Vulnerability in Business Series My favorite pair of sneakers have always been Converse. From the low cut, no shoelaces to the high top fuchsia currently in my closet, this is an iconic brand that has told many many stories over its time. As I work with more and more businesses to redefine and define their brand stories and strategies for marketing greatness, we stumble upon obstacles and failures to figure out and build upon. I’d like to think of one of my best talents as helping moguls own vulnerability in every facet of business and personal development, so I’ve prepared new blog series based upon my book, Own Your Vulnerability, and a way to approach the idea of owning strength and weakness in business and in life by seeing the gifts in the obstacles from the big brands we’ve grown to love. Today’s focus is Converse- the sneakers worn in the first-ever Olympic Basketball game (which they unfortunately lost), the shoes who have a pair in the Smithsonian made for their 75th Anniversary, Dr. J had a pair at the age of 7, in 1997 550 million pairs were made. Must I go on? This brand is amazeballs. Heck, they were bought out by NIKE. That says something there. But they also had their fair share of being kicked to the curb (pun intended) by Puma, Reebok and others. There was a time they became slightly irrelevant, had to declare bankruptcy and had to deal with the whole “Made in the USA” debacle and lose their iconic message on the shoe. So listen, every company has their falters, but there are ideals to feel great about. When Nike purchased the brand, they loved the retro feel and built incredibly memorable brand stories off of this motto to continue the stronghold on their purpose and mission. Converse were once able to break free of their “basketball shoe” mentality and story in the public eye to get the chance to meet new audiences each and every year. They even become a bit of a high fashion piece, including being the streetcar for musicians to show off their style, models to wear to the airport and celebrities to sport in front of the Paparazzi. And one of their biggest successes was choosing to outsource due to costs which helped grow the business tremendously leaving them with the knowledge that difficult business decisions can also lead to wins. So when you’re in your zone, down and out, feeling blue, focussing on failure, think about the giants in business and how they too had to swallow pride, figure out a way through, create a new brand story to reach new clients and to make more money, which we all want to do. Owning Vulnerability as a business mogul is priceless. It’s holding both success and failure in each hand equally knowing that you can stay grounded and one hand can be higher than the other at times, but at the end of the day, you can throw on a pair of Chuck Taylors and run around the park thinking, “I got this” and it’s all gonna get better just like the story of Converse. My name is Elizabeth Barry. I’m a brand storyteller and a marketing obstacle problem solver. I create new business ideas, find solutions to blind spots and create new revenue generating strategies that can take your brand to new heights. I also happen to wear converse. So what story can we create for you? What new target market can we push our way into? What do you like about the Converse brand story? Are there facets that you think can be made relevant for what you’re looking to achieve? I’d love to know. Let’s strike up a conversation on Skype, at the Met or over a glass of red wine on the Upper West Side. Converse included, or not. I look forward to solving your biggest marketing obstacles and to helping you own vulnerability in branding, marketing and more. *Featured photo includes me, Elizabeth, and John Bates, Executive Speaking Coach, when we first met up in NYC to discuss our TEDx mission and work together.

The Mother of All Brand Storytelling

Remember when you were little and your mom or babysitter read you a story? Remember how intrigued you were when they actually sounded out the voices in the characters? Remember when their voices rose when the trouble got tough and their fluctuations kept you on the edge of the bed wanting more? Well, that’s how I’m training the next generation of speakers and brand marketers in 2017 to provide their stories to the world. There’s far too much clutter out there to not tell a story. If you don’t, you’ll pretty much get lost in the crowd, or succumb to what I like to call “insider talk to outsiders”. That’s when you talk to your audience in the way that corporations talk to their employees. It’s kinda like the jargon that you don’t understand and it’s too boring and complicated for you to find any feeling or emotion whatsoever so you miss every point, you don’t pay attention and you pretty much bore yourself just reading through the first paragraph, leaving the rest of the message for the dust on your computer to finish. So, let’s tell stories, shall we?! The best way to do that is to re-ignite everything that you are, from your brand message, to your persona, to your website and social personality. Then, we will communicate it in a savvy way to the world. You’re much greater than the sum of your LinkedIn bullets, so what I like to do is dive deep into your inspiration, focus on why you’re amazing and explain that to your audience in a way that’s sellable. Even for the big guns. This isn’t just for entrepreneurs, I’m talking to large organizations here because you’re way too complicated and tell us way too much that we don’t want or need to hear about you in the first second that we meet you. Romance us, please! Tell us the problem you’re solving, your solution, tell us you love us and we’re hooked. I have great new practical tips for brand storytelling and there are far too many companies not taking advantage of the way they sell themselves to the world. You’d be very surprised at the gaps that we can find between what you say and what you have online. It’s the magic of experts like myself to see. So, let’s explore what your story really wants to say and let’s tell it like the best babysitter in the world, or… even better, the best mom in the world. Get right on top of that, Rose.

Marketing “IS” Sales

Earth to you… yes, you! Stop thinking that marketing and sales are so very different. I’ve been the Director of Marketing at Dance Magazine, the NY-Int’l Sales Rep at Dance Magazine, the CEO of my Strategic Marketing Agency and the Director of Business Development at an award-winning agency, not to mention a bunch of other incredible positions. The truth is, I’m an avid saleswoman and a marketing maven. I just happen to do both really well. BUT, for all marketers out there with obstacles, I’ve been noticing that you’re having trouble attracting clients. As soon as you say to me “I don’t know how to get through to them.” My first response is… “What is your sales strategy?” And wouldn’t you know it, you all look at me like I created a new word in the dictionary. The word is S A L E S and it’s part of your marketing mission. They go hand in hand, mono y mono, Laverne and Shirley, Bonnie and Clyde and Sandy and Danny. (That’s Grease if you don’t get that last part.) The problem here is this. Many of you have an excellent product or service, I mean it’s really spot on, but you cannot sell it. Why? Because not all of us are meant to be salespeople and it’s often very difficult to sell our own service or product. Which is why you hire experts like myself to come in and fix the glitch, give you the tools and voila, you’re out there like a vacuum cleaner salesperson in the 50’s raking in the dough, or the very first tupper-ware parties that blew the roof off the house in sales. Yes, that really happened back then. Times have really changed. And they’re awful to compete or understand. You have social media, competitors, clutter, chaos. It’s all around us. Here are the three things I would recommend if you’re looking to market your brand and need a sales strategy. 1. First, let’s make a target list. Who are your targets? Where are they? How are you communicating to them and begin listing their contact information. This is what we would call your “research” phase. 2. Next, begin calling upon them. Use this as research too. Find out who the person would be to contact in order to get your product or service to sell to that company and jot down your notes. 3. Make sure there are clear calls to action. Most of you won’t do this, but I promise you it will work. Go back to your website, your PR, your marketing materials and look to see if there are calls to acton everywhere. Many of times, you’ve already made it difficult for them to find your number or email or realize how to connect with you. Fix those glitches first and as you end each sales call or contact, make sure you have a clear call to action, a follow up activity and know exactly when and how to reconnect. And sure, these are three basic steps to get us started but there are a multitude of other tid bits for us to learn, implement and grow into our sales toolbox. This is just a taste at what you can discover by doing the work yourself without an expert and realizing the value of having sales work together with marketing and maybe, just maybe you’ll want to dive into more. Let me know if you do. But for now, I’m off to host a tupper-ware party.

How Executive Women Find Their Voice

Today it’s not only important to survive and thrive in the workplace, it’s important to be heard and to deliver the leadership skills necessary for personal and professional growth. Here are a few tidbits in my mind to share with you today. Enjoy! Speak Up at Meetings To Show Your Worth Owning your voice is having a track record of success. It’s a showcase of your value and accomplishments exhibited in a strategic/suave way. That’s how you become a leader. That’s how you’re seen as an expert and gain a following. It’s about getting involved in deep conversations and having a point of view, putting yourself out there for your belief systems.You don’t want to feel regret for not having said your peace. Having a voice drives your career forward. Your goal is to strut out of all meetings with happy feet. Find your strengths. Where is your greatest value? What are your core skills? Find them, work on them, and execute really, really well. Soon, you’ll have a fan base strutting alongside of you. To Fit in or Not Fit In So many women feel like they have to be everything to everybody and be liked by all, or pretend to like everyone. Well, you don’t. I think it’s best to stand up for what you believe in and yes, you have to swallow your pride sometimes, but if it gets to the point where you are uncomfortable, or if hurts your own integrity, it’s time to do something about it. Naturally, women want to feel like they fit in, but I’m more comfortable with women who fit more outside of the box and color outside the lines. You don’t have to like everyone, or be liked by all. *Oh… and never, ever take anything in the office personally. Read The Four Agreements by Paul Cohelo. If you’ve read it, great, read it again. In fact, I read it every year. These agreements creep up into our “forget box” in our brains and we so easily forget them. Women and Collaboration. How do deal when other women are jealous, mean, ill-behaviored, and insecure to your greatness. When it comes to women and collaboration, experience and history lead to the idea to be nice. Wait, let’s use the word, cordial. I’ve worked with far too many b*tches in my days. Sorry, I speak the truth. Be the change. There’s a certain competitiveness that comes into play where others will try to prevail over you, or worse, make your life miserable in ways that only you can tell. They have those magical (annoying) powers and a set of tools to bug the heck out of you- on purpose, no less. (I’m speaking from experience here and it was a long road to sitting in deep meditations to work on myself and my response to others horrible behaviors or insecurities.) The best way to own your power is to show up with greatness, no matter what situation you’re given. Own it all, smile and be the best you can be. So you’re in an office with nay sayers? Great. Go into the meeting, leave, take a walk and stay far, far away from them. The truth is, it’s really hard to do at times. That’s just the reality. What do you expect? Everything to be easy in this life? Sha right! It’s a snake pit out there. A jungle! Be the change and you can walk through the snakes with ease-maybe even kicking one back in its coil because of your awesome nice-ness. Everyone will notice how you rise above and may even say “Oh, snap! She’s got moves.” People pay attention when YOU set the example in tough situations. More Juicy Tips: *Be a great listener. The day I began attending meetings with far less to say, I really got to experience everyone around me in a new way and I noticed my own power. That power of silence is like gold. You’ll learn much more on how to show up in meetings when you’re listening well and not speaking over others. *Pretend you’re on the stage. When you walk into a board room with all men in suits, perform. This is your dog and pony show, Bey, Bey. This is the talent show you used to give for your parents and friends in your living room when you were 5 years old, only you’re mid-life and a business woman now. Most women freeze up when they see men in suits with their closed off faces and arms crossed, checking their watches. You just walk right in there and mark your territory because you’re a badass and you know your work. Don’t let their looks fool you. Intimidation is fuel. Stock up. Then, exit stage left and drop the mic. *Show up in Style. Not everyone will be great in the meetings you attend. Be graceful, be on time, don’t be so uptight and don’t try so hard. Chances are, the person sitting across from you is cool. She might like the same movies, music and drinks as you do. She may have kids and go to the Cape every summer like you. Take a load off and approach your meetings with less stress. Make that your meeting “style”. You’ll be remembered, that’s for sure. I find so many executives stress way too much before a meeting. It’s better to think of potential prospects as a friend across the desk-rather than sweat it out the night before. Ok, more to come on these topics. That was a lot to share… but I liked it.