Meet the Author

Elizabeth Barry’s work has expanded into self-published books on vulnerability, leadership, kindness, ego and healthy communication. Her words attract leading professionals who are ready to transform and change and wish to communicate authentically throughout their life.

The Kind Communicator

Soft skills are the future of business. Make a significant shift within communication, while letting go of ego mechanisms that no longer contribute to an uplifted life. Readers get inspired to communicate clearly with sincerity, especially in chaos. They find less of a need to be right, but rather, find inner peace and discover the “now” in the present moment. If you’re genuinely interested in being a calmer, more connected co-worker and team, this book is right for your office. We can’t always change the situations we find ourselves in, but we can change the way we react and respond to them. Upon finishing the book, readers will understand the true meaning of breath and learn to use kinder words, knowing that each time they do, their legacy is building.

Own Your Vulnerability

A women’s empowerment book that provides an intimate view of life through self-love, career and spirituality. Readers learn what’s possible through falling down, dusting off and getting back up to take flight. They own weakness and strength equally and recognize they’re stronger than they think!

Design Your Mind to Be Kind

COMING IN 2019.- The follow up guide to The Kind Communicator. In this book, you will learn simple, practical and tactical solutions to build and sustain kind communication in your office and life. This book is a wonderful refresher for every leader, no matter what title, status or age, to sit in vulnerability and weakness, to get up stronger from each fall, and to walk with grace through challenge. If you’re on the search for intuitive moments to grow within your career and life, read about the 6 principles that empower kind minds.

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