Case Studies

Entrepreneurial Management and Customer Service

Elizabeth Barry invested in and become managing partner and co-owner of the Pilates studio that she was the Marketing Director for- for 15 years. As a health enthusiast, and Pilates/yoga devotee, she thought to add a B2C venture to her growing list of achievements. Her investment was a challenge. She walked in as the company was in the red. The team was a bit disheveled in their mindsets, and the clients needed major love.

The EB Effect

Elizabeth’s results were significant. In a little over a few short months, sales increased by 20%, the business increased in awareness and exposure due to new marketing tactics and word of mouth, there was a revenue increase and a profit increase as well. The memberships flourished, new programs were developed and perhaps by far- her two greatest accomplishments:

  • Client entitlement diffused. Elizabeth found certain clients to be demanding- having felt like they owned the place after coming 14 years and under previous management that allowed every negative habit. With Elizabeth in charge, she completely shifted the roles of and their ways of speaking from demanding to kind communication- in part of the inspiration for writing her latest book. She used imperative communication tools and changed the way that everyone spoke to each other under that roof. They no longer demanded. They asked for things kindly and because of that- the entire community inside the walls of the business felt a positive heartbeat. This also translated to the employees with them quoting, “I’ve taught here for over 11 years, but under you- it’s the first time I actually love coming to work!”
  • Firing an entitled, unruly employee. Elizabeth’s role brought great jealousy to one employee who had been there for 7 years and had been taught under her business partner for 13. The employee was jealous of Elizabeth’s role at the top. She rolled her eyes, showed up with sunglasses on and with the phone to her ear at work- becoming her own ego. She lied, she taught well, but was a complete disaster of an attitude-driven mess. Elizabeth struggled with it for a few months behind the scenes with respect to her co-owner, but when it came time, Elizabeth put her foot down and fired the employee. No one missed her. The energy in the studio became free of stress and the business and Elizabeth’s management and ownership was therefor able to thrive without grief.

Coaching Female Leaders in their 40’s with Thriving Businesses

Elizabeth is currently coaching the owner of a Marketing Agency that specializes in finance and cyber security. Her client is in her 40s and is surrounded by powerful men as well as young female MBAs with half her experience. She fought her own demons of feeling irrelevant as well as using her courage when facing clients, contracts and speaking gigs. She was ready to grow her business but fear held her back.

The EB Effect

Elizabeth’s coaching and consulting, especially with a marketing background, helps this client see through the muck, has helped her increase her average client retainer 25-30%, her business exposure is increasing, and her kind and clear communication with her colleagues is causing her business to thrive and become well-known. Her clients physicality is changing due to being inspired and empowered to look and feel great, her time management is now spent on the important work, not busy work, and she doesn’t allow unhealthy negative patterns take place in her life and her work. She is developing a sense of who she is and that is empowering her to build the career of her dreams in her mid life.

Coaching and Mentoring Managers and their Teams

Elizabeth was hired by a 5M+ marketing agency to coach one of their leading male managers and team leaders. His team loved him and his personality, however he had some lingering bad habits that needed to be stopped before it became detrimental. This young client was a marketing genius and a master of words- charismatic as heck! But his flaws were also very evident. He led his meetings with his phone in his hands, didn’t acknowledge his teams, finished their work for them leaving a trail of unaccountability, he didn’t know how to fully explain projects to details-needed employees, and was faltering in emotional drama and unnecessary anxiety creating havoc at the office, with teams and most importantly with his boss.

The EB Effect

Due to Elizabeth’s charisma, she attracts charismatic leaders like a moth to a flame. She hit it off with this client who was evidently aware and ranted about his flaws, issues and mistakes. He was vulnerable and ready to change and his boss was willing to invest in his personal and professional development. Over the course of Elizabeth’s 9 month program, she worked with her client to allow him to vent, heal, listen and taught him to speak clearly, to portray his leadership values and to stop providing excuses, to stop the negative habits and to learn the importance of the trickle down theory. Due to Elizabeth’s guidance and her coaching of his teams 1X per month, her clients attitude became prevalent, he grew to enormous heights in his office and position as well as landing deals. He became calmer at marketing and sales pitches, allowed others to talk, didn’t use his phone in meetings and became more aware of the different types of employee learnings needed to achieve projects. A huge success and win!

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