Elizabeth works with thought-leaders from all disciplines to enhance and develop their communication, marketing and branding skills.
With a touch of her vulnerability training, you’ll receive the most incredible, humble business experience with a true leader.

Individual Leadership Coaching

Elizabeth is committed to transforming the lives of professionals to challenge their communication skills, deepen their business and personal relationships and up-level their careers. You will not only see yourself transforming, but actually feel it while it’s happening. 

Elizabeth began her career as a top sales director and cold caller-breaking records, training sales reps and creating client relationships that last beyond career contracts. Her programs are perfect for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Agency Owners, Directors, Managers, Sales Leaders and Professionals looking to change habits.

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Elizabeth's BluePrint: Conversational Leadership Coaching

A trusted confidant and advisor for when you feel stuck

ENTREPRENEURS: Build Your Business: Elizabeth works one on one with business owners as a confidant. Get tactical advice on how to achieve business growth, up-level communication strategies, onboard employees, build and empower office culture, and find stability while having an accountability partner coach you to greatness. Results are sustainable professional and personal business growth for leaders and their teams.

EXECUTIVES: Up-level Your Career: Executive clients refer to EB’s coaching as “business therapy”. If you’re working in busy, high-stress environments, Elizabeth helps you learn how to communicate, grow, expand your leadership skills and apply new ideas. Especially during challenging times, Elizabeth is the go-to support system for executives in transition.


Elizabeth is heralded as one of the BEST business coaches on the market due to her unique approach. She privately consults leading personalities from NYC to LA and is committed to helping clients decipher the way they wish to show up in this world, -without ego- , which she calls “Going Beyond”.

Business Coach


  • Take more risks
  • Handle stress better
  • Redefine your self-brand
  • Uplevel influence
  • Use your words wisely
  • Set boundaries
  • Innovate
  • Discover your purpose
  • Become accountable
  • Find your hidden talents

Corporate Group Coaching, Workshops & Retreats

Hire Elizabeth to coach your office teams to deepen communication skills, professional development, accountability, collaboration, team building and time management. Group sessions are offered as a one day workshop, seminar, lunch ‘n learn or monthly experience.

Elizabeth Barry’s coaching programs help deliver powerful communication effects such as: charismatic confidence, handling people with kindness, speaking up with courage, navigating office personalities and developing the personal brands of emerging and existing leaders.

Elizabeth is a professional TEDx Speaker Coach and Public Speaking Expert hired to help offices with public speaking to eliminate fear, build confidence, speak succinctly, the power of storytelling, and audience engagement. 

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