Exclusively for entrepreneurs and middle management executives 

Business Advisory & Performance Consulting

Elizabeth Barry’s sought after business coaching program attracts entrepreneurs and middle management executives who want to take their careers and lives to a higher level. Clients receive weekly intense wake up calls to challenge habits and find purpose. Elizabeth combines the discipline of leadership with the power of tough love to help clients see through personal and professional barriers of ego. Her process is natural and helps clients break down obstacles, overcome fear and move forward healthier and happier.

Be Different. Stand Out. Speak Clearer. Build Character.

Perfect for solopreneuers, small business leaders, middle management executives and sales and marketing managers. 

If you’re frustrated, angry, toxic, anxious, fearful, stuck, depressed, or can’t find a way to see forward, get advice from EB.

                                             Business Coaching/ $200/ session

                                      **SAVE: 16 Sessions for $160/ session 

                    Sessions are 45 mins via phone and include written weekly follow ups. Got questions?

 *Pricing shown is reduced during Covid-19 to be of assistance to all entrepreneurs and small business. 


Entrepreneurs: Grow your business, market your brand, innovate, find creativity and inspire your yourself by having a coach beside you. Elizabeth provides tactical and practical advice to elevate communication strategies, and help you find stability. If you’re feeling stuck, let Elizabeth assist you in believing in yourself again. Results are astronomical! 

EXECUTIVES: Up-level Your Career Path: Executive clients refer to EB’s coaching as “business therapy”. If you’re working in busy, high-stress environments, Elizabeth helps you  to communicate more effectively, lead with panache, apply new ideas, and understand people and clients. Elizabeth is the go-to support system for high level executives. 

Marketing Consultation

Elizabeth Barry has launched and relaunched hundreds of brands for solopreneurs, marketing agencies and small to midsize businesses. If you’re looking to launch a new product, service or company, wish to re-fresh a stale brand, or just feel lost and frazzled doing it all yourself, hire Elizabeth Barry. Clients who are frustrated look to Elizabeth’s partnership and guidance to receive a gentle, yet tough-love objective point of view. Her keen ability to re-imagine your website, brand story, campaign or social strategy will make you feel confident again. How do you clearly define yourself alone? You can’t. It’s difficult. Elizabeth will help you find your consistent brand voice.

Elizabeth’s quick vision to implement, strategize and execute is remarkably refreshing. Start with her Power Session (strong for nearly 20 years) and then keep Elizabeth as your private marketing consultant behind the scenes, while you take all the credit in the forefront and shine. Ahhhhhh….. refreshed. If you want to test the waters, take an initial consult with her and be AMAZED.

                                                   Initial Marketing Consult $200

                                                     The Power Session $1795 

                                  Ongoing Marketing Consulting/ Per Project 

*Pricing shown is reduced during Covid-19 to be of assistance to all entrepreneurs and small business. 

Business Leaders Rave about EB

“I was surprised by the immediate impact of just one session. And ongoing! OMG! Our 45 minute calls make a huge difference for my day, week, and month. I’ve experienced more compassionate communication in my relationship with my husband, especially around difficult conversations. This improvement was on both sides of the communication, too! Elizabeth’s coaching helped me be more receptive to feedback given to me with less reaction and more understanding. I came to her for business coaching, but I got MUCH MORE!”

“Elizabeth is a seasoned entrepreneur and communication expert that “gets it”. I love her EB Follow ups because they feel like a chapter in my life that reads like a book with highs, lows, challenges and celebrations, with ideas, tools and suggestions. Her feedback is real, raw and honest with lighthearted fun, beautiful analogies and love – everything is personal to me! She listens!!”

“Elizabeth Barry is a highly creative dedicated professional. She is passionate about what she does and it is always worthwhile and productive to meet with her and brainstorm. Her feedback is prompt, comprehensive and specific.”

It’s almost alarming how much transformation my company has experienced simply with her Power Session. Elizabeth Barry evaluated my website and targeted discrepancies between what I was presenting and what I wanted to say. I was amazed how painless the whole process was. Over that brief period of time, EB refined my brand and simplified my life! My team was too close to see what Elizabeth Barry’s objective eye could and I will be forever grateful for the resolve I feel in moving forward with my company.”

“Elizabeth’s Power Session and analysis of my business included well thought-out suggestions for improvement and managed to open my eyes to a strategic, chic and effective marketing plan. Before our Power Session was over, I already knew I was going to hire her again. My company branding went from average to cutting edge. Most importantly, my confidence in the success of my business has sky rocketed! Way to go EB!!”

“EB is my accountability partner! She’s my outside perspective that will tell me the honest truth of the matter, or matters, which there are a lot! She asks insightful questions that make me get honest with myself with the space and time to let answers emerge from her wisdom to become my own.”

“I really learned a lot about myself in this process. She’s my reality check and a life saver.”