Elizabeth works with thought-leaders from all disciplines to enhance and develop their communication skillsets.
With a touch of her vulnerability training, you’ll receive the most incredible, humble business experience with a true leader.

One-on-One Executive Coaching

Elizabeth is a blessing. Her sought after coaching program attracts executives, entrepreneurs and leaders who want to take their careers and lives to a higher level. Clients get an intense wake up call to challenge habits, deepen business and personal relationships and find purpose.

Viewed differently from other programs, Elizabeth combines the discipline of self-help, with the power of nature to help clients see through personal and professional barriers and ego. This comprehensive program is offered in 16 week programs that include 40 min. sessions and written follow ups.

The courage that lives beyond your fear is the bravery you never knew you had… until it arrives.

Inspiring, Incredible, WOW!

Private Business Advisory & Performance Coaching

perfect for solo entrepreneurs & small business leaders and sales & marketing executives

Entrepreneurs: Grow your business, market your brand, get ideas, realize success, find creativity and inspire your brand  towards new levels. Get tactical advice on how to elevate successful sales-worthy communication strategies, empower company culture, nurture strong relationships, and find stability if you’re feeling stuck. Results are astronomical! 

EXECUTIVES: Up-level Your Career Path: Executive clients refer to EB’s coaching as “business therapy”. If you’re working in busy, high-stress environments, Elizabeth helps you learn how to communicate more effectively, lead with panache, apply new ideas, and understand people and clients. Elizabeth is the go-to support system for high level executives and entrepreneurs. 

more focus, less stress

Empathize & listen

Understand & unravel obstacles

Receive life and career clarity 

Personal responsibility & accountability

Level up confidence

Align with your purpose

Diffuse fear and insecurity

Increase confidence

Let go of habits that do not serve you

Listen more, speak less

Creative thinking re-visited

Brevity when speaking

Integrity and loyalty to self

*nature photography, John Dunstan

See an Increase in:

  • Time Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Email Etiquette
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Diffuse Office Drama
  • Problem-solving Skillset Development
  • Inspiration, Creativity, Innovation
  • The Power of Listening
  • Accountability, Responsibility
  • Self-Worth, Confidence Building

Corporate & Team Trainings

Elizabeth’s *Signature Kind Communicator Program delivers a powerful two-hour practice for employees to learn how to focus, contain emotions, de-stress and communicate like a leader. Results include the understanding of handling people with kindness, speaking up with courage, overcoming excessive optimism (ego), navigating office personalities and developing the personal brands of emerging and existing leaders.

Ongoing Training & Development

Module 1. 8 (1) hour weekly sessions provide employees with the chance to grow and develop the core principles of the signature program that result in effective communication, and compassionate leadership strategies to achieve confidence mastery, temper control, self-acceptance and worth. Teams experience less stress, more focus and productivity.

Module 2. 8 (1) hour weekly sessions continue leadership legacy training. Employees develop a deep sense of personal awareness, emotional intelligence and a solid practice for communication from meetings to emails to stage presence. 

The Kind Communicator methodologies are proprietary programs that increase profit, productivity and overall happiness and purpose. *Additional office hours beyond these modules are available in 40 min private sessions for CEOs, managers and employees and are highly valued and appreciated by all who take part. Elizabeth is also available for business and executive retreats.

Elizabeth Barry Is Highly Recommended

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