The Power Session - Get A 360 Degree View of Your Challenges

START HERE FOR YOUR COACHING JOURNEY. Elizabeth Barry is excited to share her skills with you.  The choices you make today are instrumental to your legacy. When you invest in personal and professional development, you get to see what’s missing in your life and career. From her marketing background to her TEDx speaker coaching, she really hones in on how you can show up in this world. Elizabeth brings out the light in everyone she works with, let her light up your life.

Clients rave about this comfortable starting point for coaching and it's immediate results from just one call! The ability to overcome obstacles in real time is powerful. 99.9% of the time we could all use the help to believe in ourselves with the help of a mentor. Clients trust Elizabeth to help them see what they can't to solve problems, make decisions and show up happier in life.

Not only do you get coached but you get Elizabeth's powerful and popular EB Follow Ups that knock your socks off. Her writing style personally addresses clients to remember what they learned on their call.

BE 25 | Overcoming Fear

 Gratitude begins with a 360 degree view of your life to:

Overcome Fear
Communicate Your Desires
Transition Your Career/Business
Slow down, stop rushing
Respond healthily vs. react negatively
Develop a conscious practice of communication
Gain Confidence 
Manage Your Emotions
Discover purpose and possibility in all moments

1 hour Zoom or Phone Coaching Session

Written Strategic Follow up

Client practices and lessons to complete