Elizabeth Barry is Invaluable!

Prioritize goals, focus on the big picture, accept creative risk-taking, commit to innovation, and own the courage to think BIG.

The positive, generous, and loving approach of hers is the surest investment to transform clients into leaders.

When results matter, and they always do, Elizabeth delivers!

Individual & Corporate Coaching

Charismatic Communication Workshops

Event Host – Event Curator

Public Speaking Coach

Marketing Power Session

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Why I do what I do

I launched my career as an entrepreneur with a strategic marketing firm helping to build strategic plans, advising brands and becoming a strong confidant to company leaders. I helped my clients stand out in their respective markets offering web design, logo creation, video marketing, email and social media marketing and more. I even launched a global email magazine that reached over 20,000 subscribers within one year.

In 2008, I created a Marketing Power Session- a revitalizing tool for any business looking for solid and fast turn around solutions with the ability to work one on one with an advisor that helps to uncover marketing and branding obstacles, takes that icky feeling of “stuck” out and provides a plethora of new ideas to be used for months and sometimes years to come. I’ve hosted hundreds of Power Sessions since 2008.

Overcoming my failures- You’re not alone- We’re all evolving

Some of my failures along the way were shiny object syndrome, chasing opportunities that didn’t pay me my worth or trying to be everything to everyone.

My true evolution was when I discovered and honed my self-worth, self-love and let go of who I was or who I thought I had to be. I shifted my marketing agency into a business coaching and consulting firm because I was coached and it changed my life.

We all have a great path to walk, and when we focus on the present, our walk becomes much lighter, happier and fluid. It becomes more like a swagger.

I honor you for your commitment to overcoming your obstacles and living your best life and career ahead. Let’s get started.

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