Do You Practice Kindness in Business?

Some people are caught up in so much of their own business and ego BS that their heads are too far up “you know where”. We must must must MUST make the shift back to the earth, my friends, ground our feet, our souls, our minds, our hearts and most importantly- our attitudes. 

I am about to launch an annual Kindness Campaign with the publishing of 2 kindness books, a book on male vulnerability, another on influence, and one for the ladies on sensuality. This first and next book on kindness was inspired by my work over the past 15 years in small business, networking events, big business, employees, clients and jerks. 

Sometimes we have to thank the jerks for teaching us who we should NOT be. It’s not always about what we CAN be, it’s also about learning from the “NOTs” which is why they put those “Don’ts” in the fashion books. We learn from them. For instance, in the book, when I discuss Purpose, I tell stories that sometimes we’re searching for too much of what we want and perhaps we’d find our purpose quicker if we begin by knowing what we don’t want or won’t allow. 

There is one story in the follow up book to The Kind Communicator where I shared a tale about an unhappy client who had a personality of ugliness and showed it in the most gruesome ways- but she got caught, which was awesome too, thanks to the help of some fine gentleman. Imagine an adult sending mean and nasty anonymous notes to a business? Yes. That happened in 2018 and that lady was caught and defensive. She needs years worth of coaching, but none-the-less, we cannot change everyone, only ourselves. 

You see, we’re living in the age of social media, we’re living in the age of putting ourselves out there and sometimes we just have to let people be instead of harping, harassing or being a jerk on purpose. 

We throw people under the bus and for what? To be right? To make ourselves feel better? Come on, you’re only lying to yourself and providing that bad juju into the world and onto your aura. Enough is enough with the negativity. 

Be kind. Breathe, flow, be one with nature, and learn about the nature of who you are and how you show up in this world because it CAN be great. Let it go! My dearest friend and business colleague, Talia Filippelli of Starr Therapy always says, “LET IT GO and BE HAPPY ON PURPOSE.” So why on earth can’t we do this? 

Well, my book argues that we don’t know how as adults and there’s a tipping point coming where can learn to let go but we have to give ourselves the permission to do so and the open heart to look at our shadow selves. Be vulnerable and just be. 

I ask readers to unclench their jaw, untuck their shirts and smile with me as we learn the art of kinder communication because the business world needs it. We need more connectedness rather than separateness because those who separate- are ugly inside and out. It’s like an epidemic. 

This book is one of the most powerful pieces that I’ve put out into this world and at 40, I have 4 more to give you this year and cannot wait to share my truth as well as the truth of others. 

I call it, the Kindness Innovation and the more we put it into practice the better we will feel. So, be kind. Come to my book launch party if you’re in the NYC or NJ area. I’d love to meet you. More to come, EB 

Elizabeth Barry is a leading business consultant for individuals and businesses. From entrepreneurs to C-Suite executives, her inspirational approach will add a powerful skip in your step, as your leadership swagger cascades to your teams and clients. From tactical tips to intelligent analogies, The Elizabeth Barry effect is clear communication. From profit to happiness, to new leadership mentalities, hire Elizabeth Barry to coach you or your senior leadership team- as well as the teams below them to create kinder, more effective day to day business deals. Happy, healthy adults. That’s what it comes down to. If you’re reading this within 5 days of the post going live and you want some awesome kick ass coaching, take $100 off any 6 month package with me and watch yourself transform.