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A lot of women are struggling with their fertility and trying to conceive. In reality, many factors may affect a woman in getting pregnant that she may not be aware of – her health, environment, or even products that she’s using. Ariele Myers, the founder of Wisdom of the Womb, has over fifteen years of experience treating fertility and women’s reproductive health with a 97% chance of helping women get pregnant. The Wisdom of the Womb was created to expand her reach to help women everywhere experience the embodiment and empowerment that is their birthright. Often, getting pregnant, giving birth, and experiencing motherhood are what makes women feel complete. Julie explores the idea of fertility and what it means to be a fertile woman on this planet.

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Finding The Wisdom Of The Womb with Ariele Myers

This is the show that hones in on the paradigm in leadership when we realize who we are is beyond our ego and who we can become is anything we wish. When we integrate calamity, focus and kindness into our days as leaders and people in general, we become happier, healthier adults. These people of personal and professional fulfillment come when we are owning who we are. When we own our vulnerability. That includes our weaknesses and that includes our strengths. On this episode, we’re meeting Ariele Myers, a licensed herbalist, acupuncturist, fertility expert and so much more. Ariele, tell our audience a little bit about how you go beyond in your daily life.

Thank you so much for having me. I’m making an effort to connect with myself every day. I know it sounds simple, but I find that just being a professional woman and mom, I find that it’s easy for me to forget that part and to just go, go, go and feel this sense of having to get everything done and having to do every single role. If I’m taking the time to connect that with myself, it makes a huge difference.

You’re saying that as an entrepreneur, as a mother, as a female, the way that you go beyond is by finding yourself and finding that balance and owning who you are in the present moment?

When I think about how I might perceive the idea of going beyond in the way I was raised and the way I was brought up to do well and maybe to be a perfectionist, I almost think of that as striving for something. That’s how I spent a lot of my years. It’s doing it perfectly and to doing it better. I found that until I was able to step back and see this idea of going beyond rather than striving for something outside of myself and finding that beyond as something within myself that I’m not going to get any external source.

A lot of us think that what’s beyond is salary. What’s beyond is notoriety. This one gets me all the time. It burns my bubble is we think that what’s beyond is likes and comments on social. My latest little irking thing is females in business that I know that have a brain and have a voice, but they’re not fitness models. They’re not models in general. They’re not Kardashians. They’re taking these bathroom selfie photos of themselves all the time. They’re real estate agents. They’re entrepreneurs or they’re working in the executive fields. Yet, they have this insecurity to find that exterior of themselves to get likes on social media when you have a brain. That insecurity kills us.

I’ve been thinking about this so much in my own work, both personal and professional. We’re still living in this culture of not necessarily valuing the feminine. Instead, what we’re valuing is this sexualization of the feminine. It’s like the air we breathe, even if we are not overtly sexualized, it’s true. That’s where we learn probably from the time we’re ten years old. That’s where our value lies and that’s what I have been working with. I’m working with women and myself to look at where our real value is. When I say feminine, it’s not necessarily male and female. It’s the energetic of. I do feel that the feminine is lacking in all areas of our society. It comes off in all different ways, but especially, “Why are we taking bathroom selfies?”

I’m not going to lie. I’m 40 years old. I work out. I do yoga. I eat well. I’ll send my girlfriends bathroom selfies because that’s how we lift each other up. We’re like, “I’m 40. I look good.” We do it through our text messaging. I wouldn’t put that on Facebook unless I was a fitness model or a fitness instructor to say, “You can be like me, too.” That is great. I know so many women who are not embracing their brain in a positive force. I wrote a new book, The Kind Communicator. I have a few other books that are coming out. The next one is The Men’s Vulnerability book is coming for you guys. That includes some of what Ariele said about femininity being male as well.

I have a book called Own Your Sensuality because maybe it’s a shift from sexuality to sensuality, for women to own the sensuality of who we are. I know that your approach to this is very similar because you work with a lot of women, you work with women who are looking to get pregnant and looking to become fertile and find the best in who they are. It’s with the bubble baths. It’s with the self-love. It’s with the candles and the teas that you have and all of the things that we’re striving for in this life. I’m hoping that my book Own Your Sensuality will encourage women to find that their brains, their values and their principles can be a little bit higher up in the charts than the bathroom selfies.

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Don’t get me wrong, a good bathroom selfie is fine if you’re texting your girlfriends. On social media, if you’re not a fitness model and not a Kardashian, I’m finding a hard time with that. I’m a female empowerment person, but I don’t know about that. I know that you work with women too. Your idea of going beyond is finding that balance within the interior, not the exterior. Tell us a little bit about your practice. I know that you are an advocate and you’ve been very successful. It’s like a 97% chance or 96.5% chance of helping women get pregnant. How does that happen?

I started working with women by default because I was pregnant. I had a practice in Hoboken, New Jersey. A lot of the women there are successful businesswomen and living outside of the metropolitan area. By default, a lot of those women were struggling with their fertility. I was able to help a lot of them. That fulfilled my ego for a little bit. I’m getting all these women pregnant, but as soon as I started to think about the women who despite all of our collaborative effort were not getting pregnant and it’s not like they weren’t doing the works themselves. They weren’t doing all of coming in every week or taking all their herbs. That led me to exploring this idea of fertility, what it means to be a fertile woman on this planet.

It’s not about the sense of the word fertility and reproductive health. It’s fertile and creative beings. It’s what you were talking about, this sensuality versus sexuality. Even sexuality, if it’s coming from the right place, if it’s coming from the energetic of the powerful womb, I’m all for it. I’ve found that few of the women I was working with were connected to that power and strength of their wombs as these fertile beings on the planet, exploring that and what it means. That’s where I’m at now. I still work with all of the science behind it. I still work with numbers and herbs. I’m now incorporating. What I feel is missing from society as a whole is this more trust, the intuitive, the magical, the mystical, which is what’s missing from our planet and everything on it. That’s a whole other story.

You did say something that struck a chord with me, which was it fueled your ego for a while to work with women and get a very high success rate. Your ego was hurting a little bit when you were working with these women and they weren’t getting pregnant. Tell us about how you bounced back from recognizing that fame, fortune and success aren’t predicated on winning all of the time. Sometimes we have to own some of those losses.

BE 06 | Wisdom Of The WombI feel like I have this amazing acupuncture wellness center. I’m happily married and have two kids. I was established in my field. When people met me, they knew who I was, granted it was in my small little town. All those things were definitely ego boosting. It felt like I should be happy because I had everything that I thought I wanted and I still felt unfulfilled. I felt something was missing. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. A lot of work that I’m doing now, it’s nice that it integrated well into my practice, but it stems from my own soul searching and trying to figure out what was missing from this seemingly perfect life. I never cared about what it seems like from the outside or what anybody else thought of my life. I felt like I should be happy in my life.

“I have kids. I’m married. I’m successful, but why do I feel so unfulfilled?” I know that our OnBeyonders are probably thinking the same thing. They’re having that #MeToo thing. Everyone’s probably raising their hand because there’s a point in all of our lives where we are at the pinnacle of our success. We inwardly look and we say, “I don’t feel that connection.” We lose this connection. We lose that balance point to what is it that we’re searching for because we’re consistently having to innovate and evolve. Sometimes it’s not evolving to keep up with the latest technology or where our industry and our market is going. It’s to keep up with our heart and our mind to keep those two connected.

I closed my practice and moved across the country. I left New York and I moved to Colorado. I didn’t work for two years to explore. I recognize that was a privilege to be able to do that, to have the time to explore that and let go of everything that wasn’t necessarily serving what I felt was my highest purpose. It was hard. I don’t want to say it was ego-crushing, but ego-crushing is good. Much of my identity was based on this persona. This idea of who I was and what I was presenting to the world and it’s like, “What am I really about?” I was okay with never working again, not financially. I felt like I needed to be okay with dropping everything. Luckily what I gained from that time fit in well with the work I was doing anyway, this work on femininity and fertility. I didn’t know going into it that was going to lead to that. Sometimes we need to be willing to let parts of ourselves die, the ego parts of ourselves to become our whole self. Making the unconscious parts of ourselves more conscious. I feel like the ego is parts of ourselves. When we can incorporate and understand all the unconscious as parts and make them conscious, we become more of our whole self and tend to be more fulfilled.

It goes back to the beginning of our conversation of the exterior and the interior. It’s like our thoughts and our actions sometimes they match, sometimes they don’t match. It’s how thoughts become things, Wayne Dyer said that. Many philosophers and spiritual gurus have said that as well. We have to have this rebirth consistently in our lives maybe even once or twice as females in business, whereas males going through our vulnerable moments, going through that vulnerability. I had that vulnerable moment. I wrote a book called Own Your Vulnerability because I had to sit in my failure. Who I was in my relationship at that point in time wasn’t who I ended up being. I had to sit in a breakup and sit with the mock. Quite frankly sit with what I was doing and I wasn’t myself. That was probably my opening up moment of why I do what I do now.

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Going from being a marketing consultant to more of an executive business coach, who works not only in the business or the marketing or the branding but focuses on the personal and professional development of the CEOs and the founders. It’s honing in on tapping into that. I would even go to relate it to your topic of tapping into the womb, tapping into that inner sensuality, of owning who we are and what we’re supposed to do in this life. It’s interesting that you had that vulnerable moment. I’m all about vulnerability. One of the cool things that I’ve learned from you in general, which hits me all the time, is that when you were talking to females about fertility. This relates to everyone in general but opening up your cabinets and looking at what products you’re using that might be messing with your hormones. This goes for guys too. It goes for all people. Tell us a little bit about that because that’s an interesting knowledgeable tip for everyone.

All of this stuff that we use, the cleaning products or everything from the plastic Tupperware. What I’ve worked with is how we connect to the planet. How do you live on this planet that is clearly not doing that well? What I found is that all of the things that I recommend for my patients to support their fertility also supports the planet. It’s hopefully improving and not continuing to destroy the planet, which is not using plastics. They tend to be estrogenic and that impacts those sperm health as well as women’s hormones.

All of the toxic chemicals in cleaning products and everything, from bleach to Windex. They are endocrine disruptors, which immediately impacts your fertility. They’re also destroying the ecosystem, river and everything that’s in the ocean. I’ve been looking at how we can improve our fertility. It’s like a byproduct is that we’re not being as harsh on the Earth. That leads me to think about the energy, the energy of this great Mother Earth. We don’t call it Mother Earth for no reason, but now we cannot feel that as much. For centuries, people considered the Earth its great mother. It’s energetic. If care for the Earth, we are all taking care of ourselves and the home that we live on.

My thinking about finding our balance, finding our conscious moments and finding our awareness, it’s thinking about the products that we use. Even getting some Vitamin D going out and being in nature, getting some sunshine, using less of the things that might be causing harm to our health that we don’t even know about. Using less fluoride in the toothpaste. It’s putting toxins in our body. Less this, less that, there are so much to learn out there. Why do you think it’s so hard for people to find balance in general?

It’s hard. If we go back to this idea of striving or these ideals of what it means to be successful in terms of making money, having your family, kids and the dogs. Once you start talking about all of this stuff, it becomes a bigger conversation because the reality is to live in this country, you do need a certain amount of money. I don’t want to get political. That’s not where I’m going, but it’s impossible to have one conversation without having the other.

It’s difficult to live in my building. I’ll tell you that much. Even my rent here is almost $4,000 a month to live and look across at the Lady Liberty. I might be moving across the country to be near you in Colorado. I do get to find balance looking at her. It’s a matter of looking at striving. I’m hosting an event called Strive, Survive & Thrive. I think that it’s a great topic. It’s a great theme to think about for all of us to learn how to bounce back. Looking at striving is a great thing to do. I always feel like when we’re down on the floor, we’re on the ground, we’re having rough moments or rough patches in our lives or feeling the challenge, the best parts of ourselves can be found when we are at a challenging point.

When we’re at this place where we don’t know how to get ahead. We’re sitting in our vulnerability. Asa you said, you lost yourself a little bit. You didn’t work for two years. You were fine with that, but there was a place of the ego telling you, “Who do you think you are? Who are you now if you’re not that person?” It’s these times in our life where we can bounce back. If you’re out there looking for balance, I know that Ariele is not only a fertility expert, but she’s an acupuncturist. I know that all the energies that we can talk about, they’re not pooh-pooh. They might’ve been talked about as pooh-pooh in the way back and how you said that the energy is in the vibrations of just thinking about Mother Earth.

It’s about seeing our egos and seeing the inspiration, motivation, who we are and who we can become and use that as fuel for our next best, which you did too. The coolest part of this conversation for anyone that’s reading is to tap into that womb. Ariele has this new brand. She has a course. It’s online. She has an Instagram page and Facebook. It’s all called Wisdom of the Womb. I love the word wisdom. I use it all the time in my work and in my craft. The idea of tapping into the word womb is powerful. What are you finding that people are saying most about what it is that you’re putting out there? What are women finding most powerful going from their sexuality to their sensuality or from their exterior to tapping into that womb experience?

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I feel like I keep thinking about your word vulnerability because that’s so much a part of it. There are a lot of parts of what it means to be a woman that we grow up thinking as our weaknesses when in actuality they are our strengths. If we can see the value in them and not only see the value but feel the value of. When we think about vulnerability, for instance. It’s like this openness and this receptivity. There’s also fierceness in it and choice in it. You choose who you’re vulnerable around. It’s not like you walk around crying. The ability to be open and receptive. These are Yin as opposed to Yang. These are all Yin, the more feminine qualities. It’s not the women. Men are also needing to tap into their own Yin energy in order to be whole. You need the Yin and Yang to be whole.

For women, we grew up in this day and age where we need to recognize that we didn’t grow up in a time where the feminine has value. For women to connect with their most real self and recognize where their value lies is not necessarily what they were taught what was valuable about them. To connect to themselves, to connect with the rhythm of their body that this cycle. For most women, you get your period and that’s it. We’re in a cycle the whole time and within each phase of our cycle, there is rhythm, it’s for every woman to connect to her body at each phase of her cycle, whether she’s trying to get pregnant or not. Whether she’s menopausal, your body is still relating to this energy.

Your body is always speaking to you.

We have to learn to listen to it.

BE 06 | Wisdom Of The WombIt’s like the active listening that I teach my corporate clients. Active listening is listening not to respond but to listen, to comprehend, to connect, to unite and to understand. What you’re saying is valuable. I coach a lot of female clients from New York City to Los Angeles to even out there where you live. It’s that force to be reckoned with comes from understanding that listening of who we are. For females and hormones, even if we’re menopausal or not menopausal, we have our period, we are PMSing, I don’t care what that is. It’s the essence of who we are. I believe you saw wholeheartedly what we’re putting in our body matters, the chemicals some women are putting on when they put on their perfumes.

I get in the elevator sometimes and I’m like, “Seriously.” That goes for the men too. I use EOV, it’s an all-natural perfume from my friend, Valerie Bennis, from Essence of Vali. This whole wisdom of the womb, the wisdom of going from the exterior to understanding the interior. Another word that you used was Yin. We all see the Yin and Yang. Some of you are sharing it on Facebook like it’s a volleyball between a net. You’re sharing it like, “I see that, I’m sharing it too.” No, dive deep. What does that mean? I know my Yogis out there understand that or some of the Yogis are fake Yogis too. That’s a whole another podcast too. It’s understanding the Yin and the Yang.

As I’m sitting here in my apartment overlooking that Statue of Liberty, there’s such a Yin in this view of the water. I’m looking out, I can see the Verrazano. The harbor is very yin. Now on the other side where I used to live, in Hoboken, New Jersey, I was on the side facing New York City, facing downtown facing midtown, looking uptown and it was a lot of Yang. There was a lot of Yang energy coming from the city, the lights and the action. Even though I couldn’t hear it, I could feel it. Even if our audience is tapping in, that’s like a womb thing. That’s an analogy for understanding the womb. It’s like that Yin and Yang energy is something to tap into to understand how powerful you can be on this planet Earth, on this Mother Earth.

You need both. Men and women tend to have one or the other more exuberance like more full of one. You might meet men who tend to have more feminine energy or women who have more masculine energy. To be whole, we need both. It is important to look at how both of that energy live within us. Many people don’t do that. Many men would never even allow for the idea that they had any feminine energy within them.

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Because societally they were taught not to cry.

Don’t be a girl.

I got off the phone with a filmmaker, Michael Zimbalist. He put out a film called The Momentum Generation. I’m talking to him to interview him for my Men’s Vulnerability book. If you haven’t seen the film, it’s a documentary based on all the greatest surfers out there who started out in the ‘80s and ‘90s. They came out and they did this whole documentary. I got off the phone with him because the last fifteen minutes of the film were all these grown men, sexy, beautiful Gucci models who have made it big, had good salaries. They all became vulnerable. As they grew up into their 30s and 40s, based on the film, they’re captured saying, “When do we get to talk about our feelings?” Because they recognize the power of connection between not competing with each other.

Another powerful part of that movie was the part when one of the guys said, “When we started competing against each other, that’s when I didn’t like the sport anymore.” It’s interesting. It’s thinking even about the Yin and the Yang in that movie. If you’re a guy, you want to tap into your feminine energy, screw society, be yourself, find your authenticity and find the vulnerability. The strengths and weaknesses are there for you to become more whole in who you are and to become the best representation of who you can be on the outside, which we were talking about the exterior. You can’t be great on the exterior if you’re not on the interior.

I saw something on Instagram. It said something like, “If you’re searching for the likes on Instagram, that’s one fine thing. If you don’t like yourself, then that’s another thing.” It goes back to that beginning thought of if you’re a female and you have a business mind. If you’re reading this right now and you don’t have the vulnerability to open up to find your greatness or your balance or the best part of your selves and you have this urge to take a bathroom selfie. You got a great ass. You got great boobs. You got a great body. That’s wonderful. If you’ve got a brain and you’ve got something to say, I’d rather hear that coming from you than look at your selfie. That’s the business coach and Elizabeth Barry. I’m not putting anybody down. I’m lifting you up because I know that you have something inside. I want to bring that out. It’s all about the artistry. We can tap into that energy. I just think that a lot of women have so much more to share in the world as you do. You’ve given us a little bit of insight to tap into our womb. My last question is what is the most important thing that we need to know about you?

I do get to be the mom of these two amazing boys. It made me think of my younger son who is seven now. He is a camper. He is emotional and has always been connected to me. When he was in kindergarten, he was five. He came home and he said, “It’d be so much easier to be a girl because girls get to like love their friends and hug their friends and boys have to be cool.” It killed me. That boy is still getting this message that they have to cool. Part of what I love about what I get to do in life is that I do get to raise these boys. I think moms who are raising boys have an important job to make men that are going to be able to be vulnerable and connected to their feminine energy. I’m sure if I was raising girls I would have a whole different set of guidelines. For me, that feels like an important job because we are living in a society of toxic masculinity that we’re starting to check.

It’s a beautiful note. There’s a lot of women out there that are raising young men. If you have any questions about that, reach out to us, communicate with us, engage within a conversation on Facebook where we can dive into this and discuss it. Ariele, you are such an expert in intellect on the idea of the Mother Earth, our womb, the energies of who we are and the phases and the cycles of what we go through for women and both for men. Thank you so much for being a guest on this show. You’re so insightful. We’re going to have to have you on next time to talk about astrological signs because I know you’re going to dive deep into that one.

I always love to talk to you. Having to do it on this show makes it even that much better. I always love to talk to you. Thank you.

You’ve met Ariele, Founder of Wisdom of The Womb. Remember what she said, tap into your interior and let go a little bit more of your exteriors. We went beyond ego, so take the time to love yourself and your health. Maybe even go as far as less than the sexuality and upgrade your sensuality. Who knows? Talk to us about it and that includes an active part of seeing what you’re using in your cabinets. Ariele knows more about this so make sure you follow her on Instagram. If you’re looking to go beyond and are interested in professional and personal development or coaching and consulting, you can visit my website, You can follow me on LinkedIn for tips and articles on living the life fulfilled. Don’t forget to join our BeyondEgo Facebook group and share your thoughts. Tell us are you breathing better because of our conversation? Are you feeling necessary to tap into your vulnerability? We want to know about it. Ariele, thank you for being my special guest. Thank you, my OnBeyonders. Until next time, let’s go beyond.

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BE 06 | Wisdom Of The WombAriele Myers is a Licensed Herbalist and Board Certified Acupuncturist, Alchemical Healer and Fertility Specialist. She created Wisdom of the Womb to expand her reach to help women everywhere experience the embodiment and empowerment that is their birthright. Her botanical medicinal product line, Ariele’s Apothecary, was named after the Fertility & Wellness center she founded and ran successfully for ten years in Hoboken, NJ. While the center is still thriving in Hoboken under a different name, Ariele sold the business when she moved with her family to Boulder, CO in 2016. Ariele has over fifteen years of experience treating fertility and women’s reproductive health. She receives daily inspiration from her environment, and her acupuncture treatments and course work reflect both the nature that surrounds her as well as the Chinese philosophy in which it is rooted.
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