Life Begins Where Ego Ends

Personal Coaching

 Recoup your energy in a positive way to reset conflicting emotions and regain self-respect.   My clients are tired of being angry, frustrated, anxious, struggle with too many ideas and they’re ready for change. They want to focus on their relationships, love life and purpose. They know there’s something more to explore than a job. Get focussed and find balance with EB.

You're stronger than you think you are.


A Positive Mindset Provides Fulfillment & Peace

I work with highly motivated clients to build personal, loving relationships. From life hardships such as drastic change, boredom, loss of self-love, life purpose, relationship breakdowns, self-realization and starting over, having a coach in your 2nd half of life is therapeutic. I’ll help you overcome what’s debilitating you from moving forward. My clients struggle with a lack of connection, communication, reacting, anger, drama, toxic relationships, lack of confidence and the need for spiritual growth. For many, it’s time to make a career or life transition. For others, they’re looking for ways to fix their relationships to make them healthier. The best version of yourself is waiting. 


While the road seems steep, you can still aim high. I’m a spiritual teacher with a degree in communication, marketing, personal branding and public speaking. I study Buddhism, emotional intelligence, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Robin Sharma and many of the great leaders and methodologies to share their tactics with you. My study of nature, mindfulness, yoga and meditation can help you seek a healthier perspective in life. My coaching sessions bring up powerful tips and tactics found in all of my books and encourage you to transform. It’s a beautiful experience.

Personal Empowerment Package / 12 Sessions $180/each

Sessions are 45 mins each via phone and include a written follow up. 

Personal Empowerment Session / 1 Sesh. $200

Sessions are 45 mins each via phone and include a written follow up. 

Mini Empowerment  / 1 Sesh. $75

Mini sessions are 25 mins each via phone. Clients can use up to 5 until they are required to upgrade to larger sessions.

*Venmo and Credit Cards Accepted.

Is Coaching Right for You?

Why Choose EB as your coach? She’s all about you! Elizabeth wants you to succeed and is passionate about your personal growth. She tailors your relationship with the power of your purpose.

Get More Bang for your Buck. Elizabeth’s quick knowledge and charm will immediately make you feel worthy. Each session is a remarkable investment with lasting ROI. You’ll want more of her.