A Tribute to Love

When we share the love, we fuel the world with compassion

Welcome to the Heaven on Eleven Project

Please participate and contribute. SHARE BELOW IN YOUR OWN WORDS: What love means to you. Is it about happiness, companionship, courage, gratitude? You can even share your love story, how you met your love or how they swept you off your feet.

This is an interactive feature with the launch of Heaven on Eleven and The Little Book of Love to share a global collective of LOVE.This project is dedicated to my life partner, who recently became my angel in heaven- may he shine down upon us with a smile.

Over 100 stories are requested. Please share this on social media! This can be a beautiful creative release for all of us around the world to vibrate LOVE and what it means–and we can learn from each other. How inspiring this will be…

Headline. Photo (optional), 200 word love story or your vision of love. 8 line love poem. 



A vision of love is seeing the beauty in everything and everyone, down to the smallest atom in the universe. 
To love means that a commitment has been made to oneself and to all of nature to approach all of life with compassion, open-mindedness, and gratitude for its existence. Love is more than a feeling; it is a level of being and understanding that all is connected. For me, especially in the past few years, life has been a process of returning to love.


I know who I am when I turn to love

Life is a gift bestowed from above

Time slows

Everything glows

Love opens the gates

Compassion radiates

Live with purpose, with heart with couth

Let it in, let it out, love is the truth

Kendra Stoll

Elizabeth Barry

Author of Heaven on Eleven

faced a tragic accident and the loss of her life partner in January 2020. She devoted healing time to write about love and the foundation of love to help couples everywhere nurture their relationships in the nowness of moments. 

Heaven on Eleven is for the emotionally aware reader that yearns to open the love channel within themselves. Readers will enjoy the powerful message filled with spirituality, nowness, nature, purpose and the importance of healthy communication. The book benefits all ranges of people who may have forgotten how to feel, express or accept love. It’s a story that reminds all readers to love in the now. Little Book of Love inspires readers about the vows they can make with one another in life to lead themselves towards relationships with higher standards. Please help us spread love in the world by sharing your vision of it through this project and click on ADD YOUR LOVE STORY above to participate.

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