A Love Tribute. Learn How to Build, Nurture and Sustain a Healthy Relationship That Fuels Romantic Love

Coming August 22, 2020

Elizabeth Barry faced a tragic accident and the loss of her life partner in January 2020. She has devoted her healing time to writing about love and the foundation of love to help couples everywhere nurture their relationships in the NOW. This lyrical masterpiece arrives August 22nd with pre-sales beginning in July as a two-book gift set featuring Heaven on Eleven and The Little Book of Love. It’s a gift set. Get ready, they will melt your heart.

Heaven on Eleven is for the emotionally aware reader that yearns to open the love channel within themselves. Readers interested in personal development will enjoy the powerful message in this inspirational book filled with spirituality, nowness, nature, purpose and the importance of nurturing a strong foundation based in healthy communication. 

The book benefits all ranges of people who may have forgotten how to feel, express or accept love. It’s a story that reminds all readers to love in the now.

Go on a journey between with Elizabeth Barry as she sets your heart aflame teaching readers about moments that matter, little gestures that nurture and the strength of a foundation built from healthy communication. 

Elizabeth lyrically and poetically inspires readers throughout the book on how to nurture relationships through triumphs and pitfalls, fear, guilt, running, owning vulnerability and discovering true love.

She inspires readers to create their own Heaven on Eleven with chapters ending with love notes reminding couples to partake in the little moments in life that matter. A special ending with nature ignites your love flame. Readers can participate and write their own poetry as well as share their love story to create a vast heaven on eleven masterpiece.

This is a story of love, loss and the power of spirit. If you are grieving, or if you enjoy a good love story, this is it! For readers who are looking to find love, yearn to believe that it exists, and for lovers who are going through tough times, everyone has the chance to work through a relationship with grace. 

Elizabeth’s recent love arrived with the ducks and it was tragically taken away with the fish, but forever lives on in the waters of this book. She has taken decades worth of relationship education from many lovers and has written a book that will inspire every single human being to love kinder.

In addition to Heaven on Eleven, you may also consider reading Elizabeth’s additional books, Own Your Vulnerability, The Kind Communicator and Design Your Mind to be Kind.

Pre-Sales will be available as well as a book club program to receive ongoing live readings of this book’s teachings with group coaching and QnA with Elizabeth Barry.

The Little Book of Love

Charged with love from the skies and belief from the sea, Elizabeth Barry’s Little Book of Love contains celebrated poetic verse revealing the power of connection that’s emitted between two souls when they build a foundation based on healthy communication.
Within the idyllic settings of seascapes, the night sky and gardens, circling the rim of a drink or seated with wonder at a magic show, this little book embraces one of the major reasons to be alive… to love.

Dive into this bedside masterpiece fueled by the optimism that when two people grow together, they enter a doorway of transformation. Will you choose standards or expectations? Will you keep your light on like the stars in the night sky? This book will reveal the answer.”

Moments in life are precious. In seconds, someone can be gone. Are you prepared to love in the now?