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Elizabeth Barry is an award-winning Executive Business Coach and Leadership Trainer. Her group coaching programs focus on sales, customer service, persuasion, emotional intelligence, leadership and communication. Her tribe and greatest clients are small businesses with less than 20 employees to build and nurture leadership principles in order to have a thriving, inclusive culture.

Teams gain extraordinary advice and results are experienced in a very short period of time.

Programs are focussed on Emotional Intelligence, Customer Service and Communication. Elizabeth is also hired to lead and train sales teams through the below leadership programs.

Package 1. Coach in Residency Annual Program. Elizabeth offers monthly office hours for employees to talk through their professional development obstacles. She also hosts monthly group calls based on the principles of leadership, communication, creativity, innovation and growth. Add ons such as CEO and Manager one-on-one coaching, operational guidelines and more are available.

Package 2. 6 Month Leadership Program. Includes: Introductory workshop-style webinar as well as monthly group coaching. Each monthly goal will be to engage teams to maintain a spirit of enthusiasm and positivity while learning and practicing their personal and professional development. Results include:

Improved Productivity

Improved Sales & Persuasion Techniques

Customer Service Secrets of Success

Employee Retention

Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence Rise in Positive Personalities

Assistance with positive habit formation and negative habit releasing

Education of easily repeatable wellness practices in and out of the workplace

BOOK DISCOUNTS All clients receive bulk discounts on signed copies of The Kind Communicator and Design Your Mind to be Kind with each coaching engagement.

Coaching and Mentoring Managers and their Teams

CASE STUDY: Elizabeth was hired by a 5M+ marketing agency to coach one of their leading male managers and his team leaders. His team loved him and his personality, however he had some lingering bad habits that needed to be diffused because they were toxic and detrimental to team success. This young client was a marketing genius and a master of words- charismatic as heck, but his flaws were evident. He led his meetings with his phone in his hands, didn’t acknowledge his teams, finished their work for them and left a trail of unaccountability. He didn’t know how to fully explain projects to “details-needed” employees, and was faltering in emotional rants and that resulted in creating unnecessary drama at the office. Teams were feeling anxious and wanted guidance.

The EB Effect

Due to working with Elizabeth, she helped him become aware of his rants and flaws. He became vulnerable and ready to change. Over the course of 9 months, Elizabeth worked with him to vent, heal, listen and taught him to speak clearly, to portray his leadership values, to stop providing excuses, to stop the negative habits and to learn the importance of listening. Due to Elizabeth’s guidance and the integration of her coaching towards his teams, her client’s attitude became positively prevalent. He and the company grew towards enormous heights landing consecutive large deals. He became calmer at marketing and sales pitches, allowed others to talk, didn’t use his phone in meetings and became more aware of the different types of employees who may needed specific styles of management to learn how to accomplish their projects on their own. The teams received so much from these sessions that they yearned for more. A huge success and win!