There was a time when I thought I wouldn’t be able to smile again. And then she came into my life. I never really believed I could find someone so kind and caring and that made me feel comfortable, like me, like who I am and who I can be. But she did. I need had the greatest luck in love and I saw couples that had good times and couples that stayed together just for “the kids” but didn’t really love each other. I knew I wanted to wait for the right person to make sure that I really knew that love could change me. And it did. And I write this because I waited for the one. I can smile now because I waited for her… I didn’t settle and for those of you out there who are settling… I will tell you this- the right one is waiting for you. Be patient and she will not only appear but make you smile.

Love is a smile
I hadn’t had it for a while
And then she smiled
And I smiled back
And from then on, we knew, we would vow to make a pact