I’ve been asking God about you
Trusting when the time was right
I would be blessed with your love
To be your lover, and guide with our light
I’ve been patient and felt you out there
Experienced lonely days asking the universe, where?
Prayed for abundance in love, still do.
Growing in self-love and praise
Redesigning my life, growing my ways
I was in a different place 1.5 years ago,
you appeared, we felt the powerful energy
You didn’t meet me. You disappeared.
Timing wasn’t right. You were newly single.
Healing time for both of us. Growth. Evolve.
Fast forward and here you are again with an abundance of love and energy, kind of
I’ve been searching for you without knowing it
The week before you reappeared,
I thought about you!
It’s overwhelming the love I feel now
You feel it too, it’s not easy to feel such power!
How do we handle and embrace these new feelings
When life is overwhelming, fear of losing love
Day was Aug 15, the birth and death day of my
Favorite grandpa,
Who always believed in me
Felt sad, I like to feel, it’s ok.
Missed my best friend who had died last year
Took time to pray. Vibrated higher.
God answered my prayers as he always does
On His time, not my time
Decided to swipe on Tinder,
you appeared, same picture
“Super liked” me, what?
I decided to reach out, hi!
You met me the next day.
You thought about me too. I saved myself for you
Sparks flew, how could love be so easy?
Energy unreal. Natural. Playful.
Then, we spent time alone
Wow, is love finally here?
Felt the spiritual unity. It was one of those moments in time you cherish
Two souls uniting
Now back to life… back to busy life…
Experiencing fear now, why? Ugggg
He needs time to digest and feel
Back to office, kids
Let life roll, let it be and flow, I get it
I pray. I Trust God. I trust love
Surrender. Believe. It’s not up to me.
Now what? Continue to just be me.
Feel, love, surrender, trust, be vulnerable
Playful and let him be… and be me.
Courage. Gratitude. Love. Repeat.