2020 means celebrating 35 years with my soul mate!

I have always believed we were able to fall in love so fast because neither of us was looking for love.
I was fed up with men to he quite frankly and was taking a break. Not giving up, but a needed time away from looking and worrying “are there any good men out there” and “will I become an old maid” (as my family was making me feel).

He just moved into his own place and independent for the first time; ready to partyyyyy and determined to be single and 30!
Hey, this was the 80’s when people got married before 25!

Knowing what I know now. I realize our hearts were open to receive because we were not forcing it nor worrying about it.
Our mind brains let our heart and gut brains speak loud and clear!

We heard the message of true love, true knowing and all else fell in place.
My perspective on ‘Love is Blind’ is not that you got the hots for the wrong perrson; it’s that you have to allow and trust your intuition, wisdom and feelings to reveal all blind spots holding you back.