My love story began in a college dormitory. The walls were thin so I could hear his explosive laughter in the stairwell as I studied for Physics. I used to pair studying with listening for his voice so that I could appear in the hallway at exactly the right time to say hello. We became best friends and hung out almost every day. I am not usually one to be close friends with the opposite sex but our friendship felt genuine and deep. I recorded a song and he was the first person I listened to the final product with. I trusted him entirely despite being a near stranger. I began to notice he treated me differently than everyone else. He hugged everyone else normally but when he hugged me, his hand went on the back of my head. It felt like I was being cradled in the most delicate and loving way. Although he didn’t speak it, I felt his love like I have never felt love before. One day I worked up the courage to kiss him! After that I went back to my roommate stunned and told her that I have never felt so much love and affection from any living thing. I still feel that way today three years later.