A Force of Nature

Personal Brand Expert
| Leadership Coach
| Author
| Marketing Bad Ass

On a Communication Mission

Elizabeth Barry, affectionately known as EB, has launched hundreds of brands and worked with leaders from across the U.S. Her Coaching Sessions attract powerful, passionate professionals with the desire to find their purpose, communicate authentically and reinvent their business mindset with enthusiasm.

A Force of Nature​

You’re guaranteed to feel Elizabeth’s inspiration and energy during each project.

EB follows the masters. Seth Godin, Robin Sharma, the late Wayne Dyer to bring their wisdom into her business methods. She’s a deep soul with high intellect and A LOT of energy. You’ll be glad you had a bit of Elizabeth’s expertise to guide you- wherever you may be on your life journey.

She spends her free time traveling the world, enjoying a fine wine, dancing around the piano and cuddling her three rescue cats. Ask her for a coffee and enjoy deep conversation with a new mentor and friend to lift your spirits and teach you about the power of effective communication and living the life fulfilled.

“She’s magic! A Visionary! I’ve never worked with someone who’s able to take an idea and make it come alive with the level of passion and precision Elizabeth brings.

– Jena Booher

“A force to be reckoned with!”

– Skye Dyer

Elizabeth’s business, branding and entrepreneurial vibe started early on in life as she became a publicist for Broadway celebrities, strutting red carpets in NYC and LA, helping Antonio Banderas launch a perfume, dancing with Patrick Swayze & more. Ask her for good stories! She’s got a ton!

Elizabeth joined the TED brand creating TEDxHoboken and launched the first Women in Business Council for Hoboken NJ. She’s become an author, podcast host, event producer and always has her hands in many pots.

She’s grown her company in great directions and enjoys client relationships that are natural and organic. People enjoy Elizabeth’s vision because she speaks the language of leaders who have heart.


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