Elizabeth Barry Productions

Meet Your "Oz" Behind The Curtain

Elizabeth Barry is a producer. She gets every project done with pizazz and panache. Wanna have a great time when you’re creating your dreams? Hire Elizabeth. Some of the best leaders you see have an Oz behind their curtain. Elizabeth may just be one of them. If you’re looking to write a book, start a podcast, launch a brand, host an event or get coached for public speaking on any stage, let Elizabeth be your producer. She’ll not only hold you accountable, but you’ll get your project done beyond your wildest imagination. She makes sure of it with 150% energy and 1,000% of thought leadership and experience.


Write Your TEDx Talk, or Get Trained to Speak for the Stage

With over 17 TEDx events orchestrated from concept to completion and hundreds of speakers honed for the stage, Elizabeth Barry will help you write and deliver your TEDx talk, moth talk or any public speaking experience that you’re planning to present on ANY stage. Get rid of stage fright and fluff words as you magnetize your delivery. From writing with creativity to engaging the audience without making it about YOU- she will help you be remembered with flair. While most professionals take the stage with ego thinking they have it down pat, Elizabeth wows you with her coaching to make you think twice about not hiring a coach the next time you’re hired to speak. 



Event Curator and Facilitator

Hire Elizabeth Barry to facilitate your event from start to completion. Her ability to organize, market and generate hype for events is unmatched. Her zest is by far one of the most real in the business. For 2 decades, Elizabeth has produced events from small coffee shops and to multi-day experiences both digitally and in person. She steps in to make any event producer look like they’ve got it all under control. Let her be your oz behind the curtain.

“Elizabeth Barry ran our event with extreme energy. In fact she even served as our charismatic co-host up-leveling the energy of the entire experience. It’s hard, as in REALLY HARD, to produce events, but by using Elizabeth’s services she makes it go off without a hitch. The experience matters! Elizabeth ensures it is your best event.” Mike -Michalowicz, event host and co-founder of ProfitCON

“Elizabeth Barry truly exemplifies a ” kind communicator”. Her passion and commitment  changes lives. I consulted Elizabeth for my LWE Force for Change event and she brought such positive energy and innovation. It was a huge success. Elizabeth was able to see my vision and take the event to the next level going above and beyond to make sure the event went smoothly with in the perfect combination of fun and professional. Elizabeth is a thought leader, key influencer, trail blazer and an amazing woman in every way.” -Linda Wellbrock, Leading Women Entrepreneurs 



Write That Book!

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met over the years who say, “I want to write a book” but they never do. I’ve done it all on my own. Self-publishing is now my specialty. I used to say that I wanted a publisher to find me, but I realized I found myself and I’m really great at finding the best in people. I’ve created a publishing program that helps clients to conceptualize, write, produce and market their book.  Don’t be that person who says they want to, be the person who does it. Let me help you. Send me an email today to get started, elizabethbarryconsulting@gmail.com. 

Start Your Podcast

I started a podcast called BeyondEgo. I have a team that can help you broadcast it to all the networks, plus provide you with the hosting, SEO and web needs that deliver a state of the art experience. From creating your intro and outdo with music to defining the experience, customer journey, vibe, episode ideation and possible guests, it can all be arranged. Don’t let time go by with all the ideas sitting idle in your heart. Let it shine. Get help from an expert “doer” that’ll help you create, manage and market your podcast and your voice! Send me an email today to get started, elizabethbarryconsulting@gmail.com. 

Elizabeth Barry is a born leader. Her specialty is putting others in the spotlight. Let her shine your light as many of us cannot do it on our own. Learn more about Elizabeth here.