Write and Finish Your Next Book

With an Executive Coach by your side
while you ENJOY the writing ride

GET COACHED: I’ve spoken to hundreds of women who want to write a book or have a book half-written and then the excuses come flying out. I stopped, I don’t have time. My kids, my job, my family, I need ideas. I’m not sure I’m going in the right direction. I think I want to start over. I’m an executive coach that delivers clients with the power to make decisions, take risks, gain momentum, feel inspired, receive accountability and achieve goals faster. Receive confidential and expert feedback in each coaching session including refreshing ways to get your message to your audience. Spinning your wheels and doing it alone is daunting, but when you have an executive partner by your side, you solve challenges and see results quicker and with more fun.

Receive support through our facilitated meetings and walk away from each time we speak refreshed and invigorated to keep going. You have the ideas, you just need the accountability.

THE BeyondEgo Publishing PROGRAM includes 5 Light Up Sessions to use over the course of 6 months. That’s 5 (90 min) sessions to use as you wish. This is pure coaching guidance. Additional marketing, branding, design and copy-editing packages can be quoted when needed. Need a custom program, just ask.

GET IT. Click here to schedule time to work with me on your publishing dreams.

Hello ladies, I’m Elizabeth Barry, founder of BeyondEgo — a personal growth brand that helps women find their voice, authenticity, build healthy relationships, and now, write & publish your own book through BeyondEgo Publishing. I am a self-published author that writes about kind communication, vulnerability, love and beyond. Writing a book is not for the weak will. It takes persistence, perseverance, vision, accountability, and doing the work—daily.  If you are in the process of writing your own book, or trying to find the motivation to get started,  contact me for a book brief to see how BeyondEgo Publishing can help get your voice out into the world—tell the story that only you can tell!  With BeyondEgo Publishing, you’ll get the one-on-one super exciting, fun and loving mentorship that you deserve and need to write your book. Plus, with the addition of my marketing skills and my team of designers and copywriters, you’re in good hands with a one-stop shop if you decide for additional help to edit, design, publish & market your book. I’m here for you.  I’m proud to be. Join BeyondEgo Publishing and you can even join my BeyondEgo Facebook inspirational group as well as listen to my BeyondEgo podcast to get in the mood to flourish and fly. Click here to schedule time with me.

Stop wasting time with those book programs that promise you a book in 30 days.

Make time to fulfill your dreams. You have the ideas and the thoughts, you just need the momentum and the RIGHT executive coach.

Completing a Book is So Gratifying...