Speaker | Host | TEDx

Elizabeth has curated 17 TEDx events,
including coaching her speakers. She hosts
marketing events with sold-out crowds, and
audiences thrive on what Elizabeth brings to
the world through live events- from the forefront to
the leader behind the scenes.










Hire Elizabeth to Speak, Host or Manage Your Event

Elizabeth provides a balance of pure energy and inspirational wisdom. From the entrepreneurial world to the executive C-suite, to standing-ovation-worthy women’s empowerment events and college and universities across the U.S.- her magnetism on stage blends real world experience, optimism, and powerful take-home techniques, tips and advice on how to communicate as a happy, healthy person.

Ask Elizabeth to join your next conference as a Marketing Panelist, Co-Host or Workshop Curator. She frequently speaks at Offices, Colleges and Universities and is excited to be a host and organizer of your next Executive Business Retreat.

​Need a curator? Elizabeth has an exceptional way of running events. Let her be your right hand woman behind the scenes of what you’re creating. You will not be disappointed.

​Keynotes: Elizabeth provides powerful Keynote Talks on

Kind Communication, Vulnerability, Charismatic Leadership, Personal Branding & Going BeyondEgo.

Speaker Coach - OWN THE ROOM

After showing up to give a talk at several events and hearing other speakers after her say, “I shouldn’t have gone after her” or “I can’t give you what she gave you, but” or “I’m not gonna be as good as her”- I decided to offer my speaker training course. It was through the head shaking, looking around, personal sweating moments, that I realized “Wow, people say YES to speaking engagements and they’re an expert in their field, but damn, they can’t give an engaging talk. They need coaching!”

They need to OWN THE ROOM.

​So here it is. This is my exclusive one-on-one personalized speaker training coaching course that all my TEDx speakers go through. Consider yourself lucky. Get ready to up-level your skills. We go through my unique Speaking Method of the 4C’s of Being an Influential Speaker:

Confidence – Smiling, living in your light
Courage -vulnerable with your fears
Charisma – authenticity
Communication -how you deliver it and how it lands

​Plus: Storytelling, Authenticity, Creativity & Presentation Style

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