Keynote Speaking & Workshops

Elizabeth Barry is a force for change

Keynote Speaker

Elizabeth provides a balance of pure energy and inspirational wisdom.         Her magnetism on stage blends real world experience, optimism,                 and powerful take-home techniques, tips and advice on how to communicate as a happy, healthy person.She frequently speaks at Conferences, Offices, Colleges and Universities, Business Retreats, Yoga and Wellness Studios and at Women’s Organizations.

TOPICS: Kind Communication, Design Your Mind To Be Kind, Vulnerability, Charismatic Leadership, Calm Is Your SuperPower, Personal Branding, The Entrepreneur’s Journey and Marketing Your Greatness

Elizabeth presents with a “realness” that is charming, humorous and energizing. The truth bombs she drops will blow your mind. She will help you pick up the pieces of your life that may have been missing as you learn how to magically put them back together again. She’s so charismatic and endearing! -Profit First Professionals

Kind Communicator Talks & Workshops

In January 2020, Elizabeth Barry was struck in the head in a tragic accident, losing the love of her life within moments while they were holding hands swimming in the water. She is a miracle to be alive. Her talks inspire audiences to think about the time they have on this earth. Her accident was a hit and run. She does not harbor resentment towards the person at fault. There were several people who did not act kindly in the aftermath of the situation and Elizabeth does not harbor resentment to them. Instead, she chose to thrive. She wrote two books during her time of grieving and now Design Your Mind to be Kind inspires people across the globe. Her next book that she wrote during her grieving phase is Heaven on Eleven, set to be published August 2020

Learn how her optimism, compassion and empathy has truly made her The Kind Communicator not only as an author and coach but as a human being. Bring her positive energy to your stage- even if it’s through video during 2020, and let her change the lives of your audience.

Leadership Talks & Trainings

Elizabeth Barry delivers a powerful and energetic talk for participants to get in touch with empathy, compassion and emotional intelligence. Results include handling people with kindness, speaking up with courage, overcoming excessive optimism and navigating difficult personalities. 

  • See an increase in time management, crisis management, email etiquete, accountability, responsibility, self-worth, problem solving skillset
  • See a decrease in stress, anxiety, office drama, relationship tension, unclear communication, toxic arguments and lack of purpose

Emotional Intelligence Training. We start by learning about our emotions which results in effective communication and compassionate leadership strategies to achieve confidence , temper control, self-acceptance and worth. Teams experience individual and collective success as they visualize greater productivity, human understanding, the need for compassion and empathy in listening, speaking and writing and they are immediately less stressed and more in control of their thoughts. 

Playing on Strengths. Participants learn the value of emotional intelligence including self awareness and social awareness. Then we have a little fun as they build on their strengths to overcome any obstacles that they are facing. Individual and group activities make this workshop super fun. Players develop a solid practice to problem solve, improve team collaboration, draw upon diverse perspectives to make decisions, take risks, champion culture and drive efficient, streamlined and focussed communication initiatives.

Corporate Offices and Retreats

BE 24 | Bullying At Work

Entrepreneurs and Small Business

Women's Empowerment Organizations

BE 24 | Bullying At Work

Colleges and Universities

Yoga, Meditation, Wellness Centers & Retreats

Elizabeth has a knack for healing. She is welcomed at yoga, meditation and wellness centers as her message of communication, compassion and empathy is highly rated with spiritual groups and organizations. From Kripalu to Wanderlust Yoga Festivals, Elizabeth Barry looks forward to healing the communication habits of every human being she meets on her journey. 

“We’re so very happy to have worked with Elizabeth. She has a beautiful energy and all participants truly fell in love with her. She has a great way of connecting with each person and her intuitive ability allows for her to read an audience and give them exactly what they need on that particular day. Two hours flew by as her workshops are quite interactive, inclusive, and facilitate the audience to connect at a deep level. I highly recommend any organization that is considering Elizabeth to definitely bring her in!” Anand Sukhadia, Wellness Spa

The Kind Communicator talks and methodologies are proprietary programs developed by Elizabeth Barry that offer a delight for audiences. Workshops are a pure energetic buzz for participants to feel more productive in life. Elizabeth combines her performance skills of influence  to inspire people to show up in life with courage. *Additional coaching beyond these modules are available in 45 min private sessions and are highly valued and appreciated. Ask Elizabeth to coach you today,