Elizabeth is an exceptional TEDx curator, coach & organizer. Truly a positive force of nature!

Simon Nynens

VP Business Incubation, NJIT

In order to absolutely crush it in business, you’ll need coaching, mentoring, and someone who knows the ropes inside and out. That person is Elizabeth Barry. A consummate communicator in her own right, Elizabeth helped me deliver a flawless TEDx talk in a standing-room only crowd. Elizabeth worked with me over a period of 6 months to get it exactly right and provided the type of training you won’t find in any other guide or course. This woman who lives and breathes for her clients. I am convinced there is no one better to work with in business for communication than Elizabeth Barry.

Tina Powell

Marketing Trailblazer, CEO Suite Media

Personally I found Elizabeth to be passionate, organized, engaged, dedicated, committed, focused and most importantly, highly effective primarily through her leadership style of strong guidance with limitless support. I would definitely work with Elizabeth in the future.

Rooney Nelson

Elizabeth is a natural leader and coach, she perfected the balance of being nurturing and demanding both. She is inspiring, motivating but honest and on point. I am so impressed with how she coordinates so much of her work and expertise, donating her time generously.

Succi Ramesh

CEO Suuchi, INc.

Elizabeth is magic. Another perfect word to describe Elizabeth is that she’s a visionary.  I have never worked with someone who is able to take an idea/ a mission and make it come alive with the level of passion and precision Elizabeth brings. 

Jena Morano Booher

Strategic Culture Consultant

I can never thank Elizabeth Barry enough. She saw my value more clearly and more thoroughly than I did, at the time, and it has made all the difference. Since working with her I have turned my entire career and life around. I went from massive debt to doubling and tripling my best incomes, ever in the 5 years since I met and worked with her. Elizabeth has a phenomenal ability to bring out your best, to articulate your offering, and to help you understand your own value so you can bring it to the world. Do not miss out on an opportunity to work with her. Hang in there. Do the work. It will happen. She is magic.

John Bates

Leadership Communication Expert

I had the great fortune of working with Elizabeth Barry to create and deliver my first TEDx talk. Elizabeth came to me with a clear vision of what she wanted both in terms of development of my personal story and curation of the TEDx event overall. She was remarkable at helping me find my voice, craft my personal narrative and build an experience that was so much more than simply a five minute talk. She was a champion of mine and I felt she always had time for me regardless of the day of week or hour of day – as if I were the only speaker she was coaching when in fact there were several of us. Her energy is infectious and enthusiasm so appreciated. I would recommend Elizabeth and welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future!

Dune Ives

Executive Director Lonely Whale Foundation

Elizabeth Barry is a force to be reckoned with. I felt so inspired working with her. She helped me tap into a place within myself that I knew was there but found it through her guidance. She coached me for the TEDx stage and made the experience delightful and I learned so much. I highly recommend her expertise.

Skye Dyer

Singer Songwriter, daughter Wayne Dyer

Elizabeth is a vibrant and experienced branding consultant. She was very patient and gave constructive feedback in fine tuning my speech. Through her coaching sessions, I was able to better understand the target audience and find creative ways to communicate my key messages and position myself as a digital expert. She’s an cheerful person to work with, and I would highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking to position themselves in the competitive marketplace.

Suryabala Shenbagamurthy

Performance Digital Marketer

Elizabeth is a masterful speaker, writer and creator. She possesses the gift of magic and momentum; she creates spectacular things and makes them happen. Elizabeth is an amazing woman and a gift to the planet earth.

Chris Cale

Global Consulting Faculty Walden University

Elizabeth has natural leadership skills, tremendous brand and consumer insight.  I look forward to continuing to work with Elizabeth on many projects. She’s also an inspiring person outside of the business realm, and I’ve come to value her friendship as well as her business insights.

Karen Gozzi

VP Social Media, Digital Advertising and Content Creation, Wakefern Food Corp.

Elizabeth Barry is an energetic inspiration to anyone wanting to spread good ideas. Her sharp editing skills combine with positive coaching to assist one in creating an exceptional presentation. Her leadership is phenomenal.

Julie Lineberger

Founder/CEO Wheel Pad L3C

I look up to Elizabeth Barry as a role model for young girls everywhere. I have never had more fun working with someone. She is setting the standard for making this world a better world.

Georgia Castoro

It was an exhilarating experience to work with Elizabeth. I felt as if I were outside of my own body – I loved every minute of it. Elizabeth is the queen of curating – she rocks!

Roe Couture DeSaro

Executive Business Coach

Elizabeth Barry is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. If you’re ever in the need of a business coach, they don’t get any better than her. I’m so fortunate she found me through social media. She’s amazing and is now family. She gave me the tools I needed and the most motivational texts, messages and emails I needed to read so I wouldn’t back out from nervousness in business. I could go on about this amazing woman for days. She’s the best of the best. If you need help furthering your professional career (in just about anyway), she’s your girl.

Kristin Hartness

Ziggy Nation

Elizabeth is a strategic wizard that executes ideas with grace, kindness, and exuberant leadership. She keeps her team inspired and has an incredible knack for pulling the best out of people. Anyone in her presence is sure to experience greater awareness, clarity and joy. 


Elizabeth is laser focused, direct and gets to the point. Her ability to bring you where you need to be in a short period of time is an art.

Lisa Lieberman-Wang

Author keynote Speaker

I’m a psychotherapist with a solo private practice. After 5 minutes of talking to Elizabeth and signing up for her Power Session, I told her she was going to be my business therapist. And she was. She was a voice of comfort with a dose of reality, who had the creative marketing skills to tell me what wasn’t working, and help me identify what would. She’s collaborative and facilitates the creative process without being controlling or intimidating. With Elizabeth’s help, I now feel confident and in control of my business, and I’m clear on what my next steps are. If it wasn’t for her, I’d probably still be googling “how do I grow my business?”

Elizabeth made the confusing part of marketing/brand development feel painless and even exciting!

Talia Filippelli

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