The Power Session
A Strategic Marketing Breakthrough

Business Building/ Web, Email & Social Analysis/ PR/ Copywriting/


Turn your marketing around in two weeks with refreshing ideas, an objective point of view and mentorship to get clarity and overcome frustration.

The Smartest, Most Effective Way to Grow Your Business in 2020!

Get Un-Stuck! This is a super-fun non-traditional consultative 10 day approach to innovate your business.

What’s Included:

A “current state” review and analysis and strategic plan written exclusively for your business. Includes 2 coaching and consulting calls.

How It Works:

-Kickoff questionnaire
-Initial consult and coaching session -Elizabeth’s review of obstacles and goals -Presentation of a tactical strategy
-End coaching and consulting session

Post Power Session. Want more?

Ask for Ongoing Consulting & Coaching

The After Effect & Results

95% of Power Session clients return for additional ongoing consulting. The other 5% take EB’s valuable insight and ideas and use for years in future business ventures.

EB is Your Marketing Partner

Elizabeth Barry’s enthusiasm for your brand is contagious. If your’e struggling to define or redefine who you are to your market or industry right now, hire Elizabeth because you can’t do it alone. It’s too difficult to see what you can’t see from your perspective. This 20 year tried and true program has benefited hundreds of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small businesses to fill in the strategic marketing gaps that are missing from your current state.

“Since my Power Session with Elizabeth, I have accomplished more than I ever expected. I needed organization and I finally had someone I could count on, someone to hold me accountable for my goals. Elizabeth is a creative genius with patience who generates ideas from scratch! She’s got me thinking outside the box. I’m so inspired.”

“EB’s like your best friend who happens to be brilliant strategic marketer. Elizabeth pushes hard while guiding you with the love and understanding of a family member. She gets it fast and gives you the kick you need. I am thrilled to have worked with EB and I’m excited about the possibilities that now lay before me. For good ideas, love, support, inspiration, and a kick, check her out. Be ready to leap!”

So, are you ready for your Power Session? 


The Power Session is $1750 and results include enthusiasm, confidence, brand definition and clear and honest advice.