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Elizabeth Barry is a charismatic host that provides varied-length programs with an emphasis on compassionate leadership, empathy, soft skills, emotional intelligence, calm in the storm and coping with change. Results include a direct and instantaneous improvement in leadership, management, productivity, listening, speaking and a reduction in stress.

Her workshops are easily customizable for universities, brands and organizations to teach audiences how to effectively communicate with influence.

Elizabeth presents with a “realness” that is humorous, charming, and spot on. She will spoil you with her energy and gently lift your heart as you discover purpose and possibility. All workshops are based on the philosophies written about in her books.


“She has a beautiful energy and all participants truly fell in love with her. She has a great way of connecting with each person and her intuitive ability allows for her to read an audience and give them exactly what they need on that particular day. Two hours flew by as her workshops are quite interactive, inclusive, and facilitate the audience to connect at a deep level. I highly recommend any organization that is considering Elizabeth to definitely pull the trigger and bring her in!” Anand Sukhadia, 

High School, College & Universities

Business Offices

Women's Empowerment Organizations

Corporate & Executive Retreats

Workshops Deliver Those Much Needed Ah-ha Moments

Elizabeth recognizes the need to fuel the momentum, inspiration and motivation in people. Learn from powerful analogies and inspiration from nature as she guides attendees to discover their greatness.

Elizabeth has authored three books based on vulnerability, communication, ego and compassionate leadership skillsets. All of her workshops are based on the philosophies found in her books. Bulk orders of books can be pre-purchased or signed and sold individually at events.

Audiences go home with more: personal empowerment, influence, inspiration, time management, happiness, risk taking, communicating with clarity, confidence, accountability, responsibility, comfortability to speak up, navigating complex relationships, active-listening, speaking kindly and building personal legacies.

Go BeyondEgo: Change your habits in real time. Transform from who you think you “ought” to be and become who you’re meant to be by becoming a better listener and speaker through Kind Communication.

Approach: Opportunity IS possibility. Every opportunity provides the possibility to communicate effectively.

Leadership Activation: Let’s go 10,000 feet above ourselves to see how we act & speak.

Philosophy: Go beyond the ego and change your habits in real time. Transform from who you think you “ought” to be and become who you’re meant to be.  

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