Charismatic Communication Workshops

communication is an art. let's paint!


Elizabeth Barry coaches with a revered charismatic approach. She provides a compassionate and inspiring workshop experience that helps leaders take control of their personal and professional evolution through powerful communication strategies.

Elizabeth presents with a “realness” that is humorous, charming, and spot on. The truth bombs she drops will blow your mind, and then she will gently pick up the pieces and put them together again. 

Expect lots of passion!


“She has a beautiful energy and all participants truly fell in love with her. She has a great way of connecting with each person and her intuitive ability allows for her to read an audience and give them exactly what they need on that particular day. Two hours flew by as her workshops are quite interactive, inclusive, and facilitate the audience to connect at a deep level. I highly recommend any organization that is considering Elizabeth to definitely pull the trigger and bring her in!” Anand Sukhadia, 

Sales Trainings

Customized Workshops for sales teams
Pitch Better. Sell Smarter. Impress Prospects. Self-Motivate.
Can be done 1X or quarterly.
- Add: Personalized coaching sessions with your team members.
- Add: Kind Communicator Books for employees.

Office Culture Empowerment

Customized Workshop
Activities and Breakout sessions
1 hour follow up call post event Executive Summary & Overview Document
Can be done 1X or quarterly. Fully customized for each company.
- Add: Personalized coaching sessions with team members.
- Add: Kind Communicator Books for employees.

Public Speaker Training

Customized Workshop
Activities and Breakout sessions
Personalized Coaching & One on One script writing and editing
Fully customized for each company
Can be done 1X or quarterly
- Add: Kind Communicator Books for employees


Lunch N Learn
Fully customizable - Ask to add Kind Communicator books for all conference attendees or employees

Elizabeth’s Communication Workshops WORK

With nearly 20 years of experience, Elizabeth recognizes the desire to fuel the momentum, inspiration and motivation in employees and teams. From her powerful analogies and challenging conversations, she helps workshop attendees discover greatness, let go of their weakness and find the present moments to become kinder more aware communicators.


Elizabeth is a master marketer and brand builder with a magnified vision to assist the communication patterns at offices and Universities worldwide. Ultimately it comes down to the greater good and happiness of companies and teams. You’re either happy or not, and your communication is a clear indicator of that. But it can all be fixed, diffused and understood healthily in her workshops and ongoing coaching.


Immediate Results include: Unlocking team value, time management, happier employees, the challenge to try new things, communicate with clarity, confidence, accountability, responsibility, become comfortable speaking up, navigating complex personalities, active-listening, speaking kindly and building personal brands and legacies.

Approach: Opportunity IS possibility. Every opportunity provides the possibility to communicate effectively

Leadership Activation: Let’s go 10,000 feet above ourselves to see how we act & speak.
With self-observation,, we see what’s great and not so great, admitting to our flaws, hyping up strengths and developing an awareness to become better

Philosophy: Change and nurture the mindset. Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” EB instills vulnerability into each Intensive to portray to ask the question to clients: How do you see it all? Breakdown or breakthrough? Stimulus and response is a direct indicator of awareness. Elizabeth’s philosophy is deeply rooted in vulnerability. Personal and professional development and communication strengths transpire when we nurture the mind-owning both weakness and greatness, not only knowing but becoming better at how we approach every situation

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